2 Easy AdSense Tips That Can Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Income


Almost everyone who has a blog or an affiliate marketing website uses Google AdSense to earn more money for their affiliate business because it is a relatively easy source of online income. While there are many marketers who are making good money in AdSense, there are equally many people who do not.

This article provides the top two effective tips that you can use to make decent money in Google AdSense.

1.Optimize your website


The best tip that you can take away from this article is to place the AdSense ads in the right place on your page. For best results you should place your ad above the fold that means at the top of the page. When you do this, your visitors see the ads without the need to scroll down and that increases the chance of them clicking the ads if they appeal to them. When more people click the ads, your Google click through rate increases which is one of your main objectives so that you increase your AdSense revenue.

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The reason why placing the ad above the fold is so important is because there are many first time visitors to your website who may not stay long on it and you hope they would at least see your AdSense ad before leaving. Many visitors also commonly quickly scan through websites that they visit just to search for any interesting content.

2. Blending your ads with your contents

Another good method that many webmasters found great success in Google AdSense is to blend in the ads with the content on their webpage. A good way to do this is to change the font type and background color to that of your webpage.

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