2 Ways To Earn Google AdSense Commissions


It’s not easy to make money with Google AdSense. You would think that all people have to do is click on these hosted ads and that you will become wealthy in a short period of time. And in some instances, making money with Google AdSense can be harder than earning money with a $7 eBook.

Don’t believe me? If not, then simply look into your own business. Are you getting the kind of AdSense income that you were looking for? If not, then I guess you get my point. The bottom line is that if you want to have success with Google AdSense, some things have to be in line to make money with the income opportunity.

In today’s lesson, I want to share with you some of the things that you can do to start earning some good money with Google AdSense right away. These tips are simple and easy to do, and you should have no problem implementing them. Here’s the first tip for earning money with Google AdSense:

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1) Make your content good

Your content is the only reason why people will want to visit your site. And if you want to get recurring visitors, you will need to provide content that is stunning and good. No matter what niche you’re in, the bottom line is that you will need some very good content to keep your readers happy – and to get targeted AdSense ads to show up – thereby increasing the chances that people will click on something that people are interested in.

Some online business owners like to take the easy way out and use article scraper or article spinning software and try to create content for their site that way. Unfortunately, this will do nothing for your visitor. Your visitor will take about 10 seconds to see if they can understand the gibberish that the article spinner created, then will exit out of your site.

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They won’t have confidence that the other links on your site is good, so they will just leave. So never use any kind of article spinner to try and “re-create” original articles. They are ineffective, ugly, unreadable, and search engines hate them. In fact Google is cracking down on AdSense accounts who engage in this ridiculous practice. Here’s another tip for earning money with AdSense:

2) Write at least 400 words

The articles that get the most clicks and the most attention are those that are readable, informative, and very good. Now 400 words doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a good article. But typically, the longer the articles are, the more space there is to offer or state something that is very helpful – even if it is 1 sentence long.

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I personally make it a point to write 500 words articles. I like it and it’s easy to me, but my readers benefit from it too because a lot of them find my articles very good, and it gives them insights and information about internet marketing. Make your content good like this, and people will stick around on your site too – and help you to earn money with AdSense.

Good luck with earning money with Google AdSense today.

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