Affiliate Marketing: Making Money Online With Friends Through GDI Domains


There are two things people dream of accomplishing online: owning a website and earning. The only problem is that most interested people are not knowledgeable on the technical aspects of creating a website. Even those techie people who can easily put up websites out of their whims still face the uncertainty of generating income, as these people may lack the right marketing strategies in making money online.

This is where GDI domains come into play. The technical and the marketing aspects of making money online are combined into a handy one. Global Domains International provides domains for internet users who are interested in earning money from the dream websites they want to put up. Unlike dotCOM domains, GDI provides dotWS domains distinctly designed for referral and affiliate marketing. Starting with signing up for a personal dotWS domain, an affiliate must then recruit friends and other interested individuals to launch their websites through GDI. From these referrals, an affiliate can start earning dollars.

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It only costs $10 monthly for a website domain, not to mention the other reliable features GDI offers that include professionally designed web templates, 100MB Web Space for hosting, and 10 email addresses an affiliate can use to easily manage his recruits. This $10 is roughly the same cost as having a dotCOM website. However, unlike having a common dotCOM website, GDI uses a Multi-Level Marketing system that enables an affiliate to earn $1 for every successful recruit. When this recruit remains active, an affiliate can continue earning $1 every month. The system is simple.


To understand how the recruitment and the MLM system work, here is a simple overview:

  1. An affiliate recruits 3 individuals. Three individuals mean $3 monthly. The affiliate is now only paying $7 for his website. What a great cut!
  2. If these 3 individuals have recruited 3 more people each, that means an affiliate has now 9 more people on the second level. GDI also pays $1 for each of these 9 second-level recruits. That means affiliate has $9 on the second level + $3 on the first level recruits. An affiliate now has $12.
  3. On the third level, an affiliate can earn $27 on the third level + $9 on the second level + $3 on the first level. That is $39!
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Of course, the will power of an affiliate must be strong enough to earn his dream income. The overview above shows an average affiliate recruiting just 3 individuals down to the third level. But what if he can directly recruit 5 or 10 people on the first level? And what if his recruits can persuade 5 or 10 more each? What if this continues on down to the fifth level? Do the math. And no, this is not just a dream-within-a-dream scheme. This is real powerhouse earning while owning a dream website.


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