American Identity A Priceless Gift

The General Slocum Disaster

September 11th 2014, a day of sadness for some people and a return of depression for others as the feelings of remorse moved stealthily into existence. We remember the scenes of our Twin Towers crumbling like pieces of stale bread before our eyes. We watched in the deadness of horror from TV images broadcasting our brothers and sisters in America jumping from the blazing skyline of the buildings desperately seeking to save their lives.

As events unfolded more TV Images emerged showing us the brave men and women “the first responders” who appeared like magic genies out of thin air risking their lives to save the victims of this unthinkable act of war.

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Americans came together with mourning and determination “we will never forget” but have we? That day the people of America bowed in prayer, raised the great Red White and Blue flag and proudly sang “The Star Spangled Banner” showing our God and the world a united grateful freedom.


What happened to this gratefulness? Where are the Flags flying with pride of who we are? What happened to the Star Spangled Banner? Have we turned our back on the Power that bestowed these freedoms to us in the first place? Is it time to wake up America?

The evil of this world is growing in power with intent to kill us and take our great land. They want us to bow our knees to their god. And if we don’t their intention is to behead us.

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Are we allowing evilness to over-take us because of political correctness? The scriptures clearly show us that Jesus Christ didn’t practice being politically correct. Perhaps the time has come to remember who we are and what we represent.

What if we watched the evening news tonight and witnessed another 911 but this time the first responders would be the evilness of those who want to kill us? And we witnessed our brothers and sisters here in America being beheaded because they refuse to bow to a pagan god?

Let us come together with thanksgiving while our great Flag glows with waves of pride as it flies in the wind, and we sing our beautiful Star Spangled Banner with our hands on our heart followed by Amazing Grace with our heads bowed before our mighty God.

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American Identity is a priceless gift. We must once again find relationship with our country and never forget who we are and what we stand for as honor, liberty and justice embrace our souls.



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