Article Marketing – How to Choose the Right Niche for Your Article Writing and Article Marketing

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Article marketing requires you to narrow down your writing into a specific niche.

A niche is simply a narrowing of the population you’re going to reach.

Many people come in to article writing and article marketing wanting to reach everyone. “Well, my message is to the world.” That’s nice, but unless you’re Yahoo or Google or Coca-Cola and can afford to put your message on the side of every bus and billboard in the world, it’s not going to work. It’s too big a net. You want to cast a net big enough to capture your ideal client, but small enough to where they will know it’s for them. So one niche strategy is to have a niche that replicates itself.

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Self-replicating niches

An example of a niche that does not replicate itself would be family members of victims of the World Trade Center attacks. A very good area to work in, a very noble area to work in, but that’s not a self-replicating group. That’s a limited number of people.

One of my niches when I was a marriage and family therapist was teenagers and their families. Another niche was working with couples. I worked a lot with kids and with couples. One day a friend of mine asked me what needed to happen in the economy for me to stay in business and I said, “It’s simple. People just need to keep getting married and keep having kids.”

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That’s a good, self-replicating niche.

The beauty of having a specific niche is you have a specific set of people to whom to write and market your articles.



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