Best Apps for Keeping Track Of Your Money


There’s nothing worse than running out of money when you’re really in need of it. Whether you’re on holiday and you suddenly find out that you’ve overspent (oops) or if you’ve got bills to pay and may have gone a little bit wild at the shops the week before hand. No one wants to have to go running back to their parents and ask for money, it’s a little humiliating but we’ve all had to go there once or twice. But if you’re really in a fix, it’s much better to run to the bank of mum and dad rather than an actual bank or a pay day loan shop with their ridiculous interest rates. It’s more than likely that they’d be happy to help you out as you make you make your way in the world, a few hiccups along the way are to be expected and you become more and more independent and learn how to become self-sufficient.

It’s now easy to manage your money online through the use of online banking and with smart phone apps, you can split the bill at a restaurant, pay your bills and receive a little bursary from your parents all in a split second, the days of going to the bank to take money out and transfer money across are long gone. Nowadays money is flying about all over the place, it’s easy some times to take it for granted, which is why we need to be more careful than ever with our cash so here’s a rundown of the best apps you can get on your smart phone to help get the most out of your money.

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Your Bank’s Mobile App – Whatever bank you use, they should have a mobile banking app to help you manage your accounts. These can be really useful when you’re out and about as well as being totally secure. Whether it’s just checking how much money you’ve got in your pocket or you want to pay a bill or make a transfer you can do it right from your pocket, with a powerful app provided from your bank.


These apps are not just for checking your balance and making transfers, they can also make you smarter with your money. You can set up alerts when your bank balance dips between a certain point, balance updates and trawl through all of your transactions over the past month. Some banking apps can also direct you to your nearest cash point and top up your phone.

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Budgeting Apps – As well as banking apps to keep you up to date with all your receipts and how much money you’ve got in your pocket, it’s always good to have a budgeting app so you can keep on top of your spends. There are a number of powerful budgeting apps available for you to keep a keen eye on your outgoings and incomings. Simply input your salary and all the bills you need to pay each month and these apps can calculate how hard your money is working and what you’ll have left over each month to either spend or save.

The eWallet- An eWallet is like having a credit card on your mobile, it allows for easy payments and transactions and allows for exceptionally easy money transfer online for when money gets a little tight and you make the dreaded call to the bank of mum and dad. Most companies that provide eWallets allow for completely free transactions from one eWallet to another and allow them to connect to your bank account but only take a preset amount that you specify whilst setting up the eWallet so that there’s no chance of over spending.

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Whether you’re running a tight family budget, looking at the best way to manage your student loan or just want an eWallet to save your holiday spend in, mobile banking apps are an incredibly useful way of managing your money and tracking your spends. They’ve changed the way we look at banking and use our money on the high-street as well as online.



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