Considering the Disadvantages of AdSense


AdSense is one of the many ways to earn money by utilizing the internet.

You can place your ads on your blog, search engine, or websites. Earning money from clicks on advertisements may be too good to be true.

Using this platform provides great advantages. However, you also have to consider the disadvantages of AdSense before you jump into the bandwagon.


One disadvantage of AdSense is the big payout. Yes, Google AdSense may give great revenues.

However, it will require you to reach $100 before getting your money. This will prevent you from getting your money anytime you want.

Although this platform involves the use of ads, too many ads could just get yours rejected. You need to provide content into your website not just display various ads.

If you are looking for easy and fast money, Google AdSense is not for you.

The process for applying is easy yet takes several processes. You must first apply and wait for your website to be approved by Google.

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The approval may take a while – although Google’s services are free.

The payout for every click in your ads is not determined. The rate with which you are paid varies depending on the strength of the keywords you used on your website to generate your ads.

You may make $1 for every click if you are lucky enough. Oftentimes, you will only get a measly $0.01 for every click. This payment is not at all fulfilling if you do not have patience with using this platform.

Aside from the indeterminate amount paid for every click, the information for the payment for each click is really vague.

Google does not give enough information on why you earned a certain amount of money for one click.

Advertisers are also restricted from disclosing AdSense details, such as how much you were paid for a certain keyword.

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You are not allowed to share your statistics and performance with anyone.

The policies of Google AdSense are really strict. Although this may be an advantage for most users, this could be a disadvantage if you broke the policies unconsciously or even by mistake.

Any illegal activity could be detected by Google and could lead to the disabling of your account.

Once your Google AdSense account is disabled, you cannot make another account. In short, you are banned from the platform for life.

Google AdSense may pay greatly but not at all easy. To really earn huge sum of money, you must have to attract a large audience with your ads.

You must drive traffic into your website in order to attract more people into clicking your ads.

However, you cannot click you own ads or encourage or influence other people to click on the ads.

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Any artificial or deceptive way of inflating your click rate is highly prohibited. You must take note that if people are not clicking your ads, you are not earning.

You must also have a great knowledge of the use of keywords. If the keywords of your websites do not have enough strength in the Google AdWords, you will not earn from your ads even though they are clicked.

These are just some of the disadvantages of using Google AdSense.

Again, this is not for people you want to earn fast. Being successful takes time, quality website content, and search engine optimization.



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