Ebook Writing – Turn Free Ebooks into Profit Fast


Would you like to make money with ebooks? You can: start by giving ebooks away. Everyone loves freebies and you can turn this natural behavior to profit.

Here are three ways.

1. Give Free Ebooks Away to Build a Mailing List


You can give away a free eBook in exchange for contact details.

Once people have subscribed to your list not only do they get a free eBook from you, but you also have the chance to communicate with them regularly. They’re the perfect audience for future ebooks you write, because they know that you’re a trustworthy source of information.

Building an audience for future ebooks means that you don’t have to spend money on advertising, since you already have potential buyers you can contact whenever you wish.

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2. Give Away a Free eBook to a Large Web Site

Buying advertising on large Web sites is expensive. If you’ve written an eBook which will appeal to its target audience the site may agree to give away your ebook.

The site gets a freebie to give away, and you get a chance to build credibility and put your URL in front of many customers.

3. Turn an eBook Into a Blog

Once upon a time you could give away a free eBook and have many downloads. However these days people are so pushed the time that ebooks have lost their appeal as freebies.

Yes, people will still download them — but they often don’t read them.

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There is a way around this. Simply turn your eBook into a blog. This means that they only need to read as much as they wish to. You can monetize the blog with advertising, and build an audience for future ebooks.

Offer people the option to download the entire contents of the blog as an eBook if they wish.

“Free” is one of the most popular words in the language. You can make it your favorite word too. Give ebooks away, and you can make great money writing ebooks.

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