Europe Offers the Best Study Abroad Platform For International Students

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Among the seven continents of the world, Europe has more economically and technically developed countries. Each country in this continent has its own unique history, culture, language and people. So, if you’re toying with the idea of studying abroad, Europe proves to be a potent option that offers you plenty of opportunities to gain firsthand knowledge of various cultures as well as bolster your career path. In this article, we’ll give a careful consideration to three European countries, namely Germany, France and Netherlands.

Germany as a study abroad alternative has a lot to offer to international students. Keeping the requirements of international education in mind, its renowned universities and colleges have started to offer more than 12,000 programs that are recognized all over the world. Whether you pursue a bachelor or a master level course, you can always further your career on the basis of the degree acquired there. For the benefit of foreign students, the majority of courses are offered both in German and English languages. Students can also grab the golden opportunity to learn German during their study in Germany. Most of the German universities are famous for their innovative research works in the field of medicine, technology, and natural sciences. According to a particular world university ranking, eleven universities from Germany made it to the list of top-200 universities around the world, in terms of excellence in teaching and research. Some of the top German universities are the Free University of Berlin, University of Freiburg, University of Heidelberg, Technical University of Munich, University of Marburg, and University of Bamberg.

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If you seek a beautiful country with equally beautiful, courteous and friendly people for your study abroad, then a study in France is the most viable option before you. The country is of great prominence on the global scenario with major contributions in the areas of politics, philosophy, trade, technology, automobile, arts, science, fashion and economics. As a result, the most sought after programs in the country are naturally related to information technology, business administration, and art and design. The high-quality and innovative education system and research in France have made it the sixth biggest economy of the world. More than 2,30,000 students head for the country every year to pursue courses in engineering, management, arts or humanities. The University of Provence, University of the Mediterranean, University of Avignon, University of Picardie Jules Verne and the American University of Paris are some of the major universities in France.

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The Netherlands is a country with richness in culture and history. Located in Western Europe, the country boasts an abundance of study abroad programs that are imparted completely in English. Students having a desire to study in Netherlands come across more than 1,000 courses in different subjects. The teaching methodology in the country aims at enhancing the problem-solving capabilities of students who assess and get solutions to the problems on their own. The reasonable cost of living and study here also attracts more and more foreign students. Various universities in Netherlands are unique in terms of their location, teaching environment and programs offered. These include University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, University of Groningen, and Academic Medical Center.

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