For Widows Only – How To Survive The Grief Process – 1 Tip

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If you are reading this, then something terrible has happened. First, let me offer my condolences and know that I wish you well. I cry not for you, but with you, as I am a widow, too.

There are things every new widow needs to know. And just as a businessman carries a briefcase filled with important papers and files, you, the new widow needs a special case — what I call a griefcase — a safe place to store your important information — the stuff that will guide you as you process your grief.

Begin with paper and pen. Think spiral bound note book. Then carry it with you everywhere you go. Yes, even to the bathroom, because no woman needs to run out of Revlon Red or TP (toilet paper). Scribbling lists of things to remember to buy, names of people to write thank you notes, brief entries on how you spent that horrible ugly miserable lonely rotten first night without Him and the memory of His last kiss will help ground you as you slip into something uncomfortable — widowhood — and aid you as you work through the grief process. It will also help you maintain focus. One week from today, one month, one year from now, you’ll need only flip a page in your journal to read and reflect on the progress you’ve made — Your life’s recording about the 51st way to leave your lover.

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That said I would like to tell you things will get better. But they won’t. Let’s face it, “better” would be to hear the front door swing open and His hungry words, “Honey, I’m home! What’s for dinner?” Your life is forever changed now and things will never get “better.” The best this writer can offer is a “different” word. Because that’s exactly what your life is now. It’s “different.” But where you are now is where I once was and if you do as I say, you’ll be okay and soon you’ll find everything will be all right.

I promise.


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