Forex Education – 4 Simple Ways to Start Making Money Trading Forex Online


if you really want to learn forex and be profitable in the forex market, you will need to get the right forex education from the right mentor. Why would I say that? You can get lots of different course out there in the market, but who can really provide a good support for the members, and whenever they need help, the mentor will be always there for them?

I have came across some people who can’t provide good online support once after they sold their online products. That is why I would want to help as many people as possible to become successful in forex trading. I understand that all of us have been beginners before, and everyone deserves to learn forex the right way. So let’s look at some of the 4 simple ways to start making money trading forex online.

1. You Must Depend on Yourself Because There is No Free Lunch

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If you think that someone can sell you a good forex trading system or product and make you filthy rich in trading, think again. If the products are very effective and can make you lots of money, then why are there selling you at such a cheap price? Most of them are less than $100. But that doesn’t mean expensive courses and products are worth the money, it maybe just a marketing gimmick.

Although there are many good forex education around, you will need to think and can’t simply follow blindly. In order to have a profitable forex strategy, you must understand it , have confidence in it and practice it. Without the 3, it’s hard to convince yourself that you have mastered the strategy.

If you don’t really understand how your forex trading techniques work, then you would not have confidence in it and therefore wouldn’t have the right mindset to practice it. Lastly, you won’t have the discipline to follow through your forex trading system if it loses trades.

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2. Avoid the Common Pitfalls and Mistakes

Many traders put in a lot of hard work and effort trying to learn forex, but what they learnt was the wrong forex education and those methods that they tried never seems to work. Below are the 2 more common mistakes that forex traders can make.

3. Think it’s easy like ABC

Many newbies think that forex trading can be very easy and profitable in very quick period of time. Their mindset is already wrong and they do not treat forex as their business. It’s never going to be that easy in the beginning and all new traders should expect a steeper learning curve.

4. Predicting from hindsight

We are human beings and we can’t guess anything right all the time. Many traders are just guessing or depend on feelings on where the prices are going. Once again, predicting is like gambling because you are not analyzing. I can be dead sure that no one can rely on guessing and make money in forex trading all the time.

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A lot of traders turn to scientific theory and say history repeats itself. It’s true that history repeat itself on the forex charts, but the past cannot guarantee the future. Those are just analysis that increases the winning probability and if we know everything in advance, then there will be no forex market at all.



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