Freelance Online to Make Money Fast


If you’ve been online for any amount of time, I’m sure you’re interested in learning how to make money fast. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of ways to make money online – ranging from website flipping and domaining to article marketing and product sales. However, not all of those may pay you instantly – sometimes you need to make money quick and can’t wait the 60 or 30 days required by networks to pay out. In this article we’ll cover how you can get started with freelancing.

If you have a skill that others need, freelancing may be the way forward for you. You can make upwards of $10 per hour freelancing, which is more than most part time jobs would pay. Remember you are working from the comfort of your home as well. Depending on your skills, you may decide to write for others – you can write articles, advertising copy or even eBooks and reports. If you can design, you may decide to become a graphics or web designer, and create logos and websites for those that need them. If you can code, you could look at becoming a programmer and creating or working on projects for people that need them done. First off, samples are very important – it’s unlikely you will get hired without some proof of your work. If you’re a writer or designer, create some articles that you can show your clients, or logos in your free time. If you’re a programmer, work on basic projects that would show your capabilities.

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Set up a free website for yourself using or where you can show samples of your work. Once you have enough samples and have worked for enough people you can even purchase your own domain name which looks a lot more professional for around $10. The more professional you look as a whole, the more likely someone would be interested in hiring you.


Where do you get clients? To start with, you can start at forums like Digital Point or the Warrior Forum, or job sites like Online Writing Jobs. There are even opportunities for work on classifieds websites like the famous Craigslist. You will probably have to start at a low price unless you have previous experience, and work your way up however there is always a demand for someone that can provide good content.

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Make sure you meet your deadlines, respond to your emails and are easy to communicate with. If you do all this you will get referrals from your clients as well as a steady stream of business. Good luck with your freelancing!



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