From Articles to Ebooks to Make Money Online


After 2 weeks of searching and reading and subscribing to potential Gurus website for a way to generate money online, I learnt only one thing: Information Overload!

This does not helps much after forking out a substantial sum of money to learn the tricks of the trade about making money online. Why? The more I read, the more confused I become ( Almost the same situation when I joined an MLM business venture ). Unlike in the MLM business, I have a Mentor ( usually my Upline to guide me as she has been in the business much longer than I am ) and the communication is close and personal whereas on the web, the so-called “Guru” throws you a ton of information’s on how to get it right without pointing the Short-cut to preparing the process.

There are simply many ways to make money online. Despite everything is web-based and information is offered through the pages displayed, they all looks the same for a beginner. Its only through reading its Content, will one knows the purpose of the website presented. Methods of generating money comes from Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Information Marketing, Network Marketing and many more. Regardless of which category of business you are interested in, you are guaranteed to do the following:

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1. Read plenty plenty of information’s regarding the business

2. Learn how to setup Website, Auto-responder and ways to generate traffic

3. Learn how to write Contents for your web pages

4. Learn how to write Articles to promote your business or website

5. Learn how to write Articles or EBooks to make money

6. Learn how to incorporate unique graphics, banners, advertisements to your website

7. Learn how to incorporate music, video, Forms, Links to attract your visitors

8. Learn how to SELL your Niche so that regular visitors come to your website and there are many more tactics out there that one can learn.

I am sure by now you will be wondering if this is suitable for you just as I was asking myself when I join the MLM business venture. The answer is: In order for anyone to learn something new, there must be an educational process by which you have to go through. Some learning are made easier because of an established system (school and institution) or some learning comes from personal mentoring by a Leader (Private Tutor / Business Leader Upline) but the toughest of all is self-education / self-learning, this really requires Self-motivation.

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If you are hungry to learn something, nothing can stop you in the path. You will know how to overcome the difficulties, challenges or opportunities it presents. But if you are not prepared for it, thousands and one reasons will come out from your mouth to justify why it is not suitable for you (we call it EXCUSES!), right?

I am very convince by now that there are ways to make money online by writing Articles or Ebooks, otherwise we will not be able to see all these websites ( Hundreds of Millions ) promoting their Niches. Regardless of what opportunities we are looking for, we must give ourselves Time to familiarize those process so that eventually the money will start flowing in. To do it at a faster pace is obviously a choice you have to make but I always tell myself that “There is no such thing as a GET RICH QUICK opportunities out there! If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably IS” I urge you to treat your venture into the web as a form of learning that will eventually equip you with the skill to make the money you want. As long as you believe that you can do it, it will be done!

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