Google AdSense – 5 Power Tips to Make $500 a Day With AdSense


The Google AdSense program still offers one of the most effective, easiest & lucrative ways to make loads of money online.

However whilst this may be true it only rewards those internet marketers who are savvy enough to know how to use the AdSense program to their advantage.

In other words AdSense definitely does not reward everyone equally – some AdSense publishers will struggle to earn a few measly dollars while others are making in excess of $100,000 a month.


Which group of AdSense publishers would you rather be in?

I’m sure you would choose to be amongst the big earners, in which case read the following power tips to get your Google AdSense campaign started on the right track…

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5 Powerful Tips To Make Money From AdSense


Choose your website’s niche, theme or topic carefully.

If the niche is not a popular one there may not be enough Google AdWords advertisers for AdSense to serve up enough relevant ads on your web page.


Build your website with lots of compelling & interesting content to ensure site popularity & good traffic.

Get Traffic

Your site may look great but don’t forget that: No Traffic = No Revenue

So you need to generate targeted traffic to your site – unqualified traffic will not help as the site visitors are unlikely to be interested in your website’s topic and therefore won’t be interested in clicking the Google related ads.

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AdSense Optimization

While getting search visitors to your website is a vital part of the earning process, getting them to click on your ads is just as important – therefore your site’s ads need to be correctly optimized to encourage this.

Test & Tweak

You need to experiment with the positioning & size of your ads.

The AdSense program provides site diagnostics, reports & various other tools to help you ensure that you are getting the most out of your AdSense account.

So while making money with AdSense’s set and forget, auto pilot type of arrangement is relatively easy, you aren’t going to make anywhere near what you can from it unless you tap into the best AdSense brains in the business.

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