Google AdSense – 5 Top Tips to Improve Your Earnings & Make More Money Online


If you want to make money online, one good way is by displaying Google AdSense ads on your website. The Google AdSense program serves related ads to the content on a site. This means that ads are relevant to a sites content which means more revenue as more people click on these ads.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your AdSense earnings whether you are new to it or not and make more money online:

Tip 1: The shape and size of your AdSense ads. A popular and successful AdSense format is the large rectangle (336×280). It gets a high CTR when placed in the right place (more on this later). CTR stand for Click-Through-Rate. So, if 10 out of every 100 people clicked your ad, the CTR would be 10%.


Text ads usually out perform image ads since they blend in with text better and don’t annoy the visitor as much as an image ad can.

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Tip 2: The positioning of your ads. If you position the ad near to text that people are reading you will get a higher CTR. So if you place an ad at the top of a paragraph or in the middle of it, it usually does well.

Why? Because as the visitor is reading content he or she is also forced to look at the ad which means more clicks and revenue. Also make sure that the ad doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. So use an ad shape and size that fits into the position well.

The best way to determine what ads to put where will come from your own testing. But you can get a good idea of where to start by checking the Google heat map. Search “Google heat map” in Google and you’ll find it. It shows you the best places to place ads on a website.

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Tip 3: The formatting of your ads. What does this mean? The text and background colours need to match the content of your page. By the way, you can’t go wrong with black text on a white background for your content and ad formats.

Think about it. Why are books written in black and white…because that’s what people are used to and like. The links in your ad should also be in a blue colour. Use the default blue colour in your AdSense account. You’ll see it there when you set up your ad.

Tip 4: Don’t over do it with too many ads. You might think that putting loads of ad units on your site will generate lots of revenue…wrong. The best way to know which ads earns the most money is to see which ads appear first in the code view of your web page. You can see this code view when you do a right click on the page and select “view source”. So the ad at the top of the code earns the most revenue with the top ad in this ad unit earning the most per click.

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Tip 5: Test for what works best! You can use channels to see which ads are earning you the most revenue. This is very simple to set up. You just name your channel like “AdSense 336×280 top left” when you set up your ad.

This way you know exactly which ad earns the most revenue. You can then use the same type of ad in the same position on your other websites to make more money.



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