Google AdSense – How to Make Money Online With Google AdSense


Everyone who has a blog or website can make money with Google AdSense. It is a pay per click publishing program. You can display Google ads on your blog or website and you will get paid whenever your visitor click on your ads.

So, first you need to approve for AdSense. You should have a blog or website with your own domain name. Today Google do not accept free blogs or websites in AdSense program. You can buy a cheap domain name on

After that make your blog content rich. You must have contents to share if you want to earn money online with AdSense. It is better to write 20 to 30 articles on your blog before submitting your blog for approval in AdSense. Once you have done all of this you can apply for AdSense at And wait 2 to 3 days to get approval from Google. A live person will check your blog. Once your blog get approval from Google, you will be provided some HTML and JavaScript codes. You should place them on your blog.

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Now you should have visitors to click on your Google ads. So, you need to build a large traffic on your blog in order to make a big money with AdSense. For long term traffic you should write some articles and submit them on top ten article directories with your backlink. Second great way to build traffic is posting forums on high trafficked forum sites. Always leave a backlink in the end of your post.

A lot of expert AdSense earners use search engine to get traffic. You should submit your blog on all top search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. And apply all SEO (Search Engine Optimism) tools. It will increase your page rank and your position on Google. And you will get a lot of traffic from search engine. Your AdSense earning depends on your traffic. So, be serious on your source of traffic.

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Thousands of people are making their full time income with Google AdSense. You can also make a pretty good extra income with AdSense.



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