Google AdSense – One Guaranteed Method to Increase Your Earnings Per Click


Many believe that the secret to earning money is finding the highest paying keywords and creating AdSense websites around that niche, the idea here is that when someone clicks on an advert you the publisher will be getting a good percentage of what the advertiser is paying for the cost to display that ad.

What happens is you the webmaster creates a website based around that particular niche and then begin to slap as many AdSense adverts as you can throughout various areas of your webpage hoping that a visitor will eventually click on one of the ads.

In reality what you have just done is created a situation where a visitor has the opportunity to click on a low paying ad instead of the highest paid ones. The secret is to not display so many ads, maybe one or two ad blocks at the most preferably one large block underneath the main title in the center of the webpage.

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The reason for this is that advertisers are bidding on specific keywords and when you only show one or two ads you can almost guarantee that the adverts being shown are being displayed by the advertisers who are paying the most for that position. This means you will earn the highest amount of commission when someone does decide to click on your ad.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to display too many adverts because the results will be that the visitor will become blind to the ads and won’t end up clicking anything. Just stick to one or two ad blocks per webpage and you should definitely see an increase in clicks and commissions.

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