How to Choose a Profitable Niche For Your AdSense Money Making Blog


A niche is a topic of your blog or website. It is one of the hardest parts when you start an AdSense money making blog. What should your niche be? Often the best niche is not too long or too big; it should be short and has low competition in search engine. If you chose a short and low competition niche, you will easily get top 10 positions in Google front page. Remember, search engine is a big source of traffic. So, you should choose a niche which optimism for search engine.

You can use ‘weight loss aerobics’ as an example of a good niche. Top 10 sites are easily making $1000 each month with AdSense. On the other side, as a bad example, use ‘weight loss’ or ‘make money online’ or something like these. If you type ‘make money online’ in Google, you will get billions of the web pages those related to above phrase. So, if you use ‘make money online’ as your niche than it will be too hard to get top 10 positions on Google front page.

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If you choose a good niche for your blog, it will off you from making a few cents. You can make hundred dollars by using a good niche.


Before choosing a niche, do some research about your competitions. Also, research how much bid advertisers are willing to pay for your niche. For an example, ‘home loan’ is a hot keyword and a lot of advertisers are willing to pay $5 to $7 for each click.

You can also use some free software and websites to choose a good niche.


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