How to Do Your Own Keyword Research to Gain Higher Google AdSense Payment


For affiliate marketers, there are many ways to have mammoth income from online business. From Google AdSense, product creation, affiliate marketing, and others, they surely do some important research before starting any campaign.

If you already work on a search engine optimization, blogging, backlinks, and other things to drag more visitors to your site, and still get small revenue, perhaps the best way to fix it is looking back at your domain keyword method.

The truth is highest paying keywords put you on tight competition where your site most likely has zero traffics although you perform beautiful design and great content inside. All top marketers agree that domain keyword affects your income in a long run. Low paying always has low competition. You should put your feet on this perfect area.

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Domain keyword can enlarge your chance to gain top rank on major search engine like Google. You just need to put a certain right words in your domain phrase, so it will be unique. You should throw away all highest paying lists since it gives nothing for you. There is more money on a popular word phrase with high searchers and low competition. But, finding this domain keyword is hard.

Top marketers always use same strategies, which combine low paying word with quality content that brings them more clicks and of course, more money. This is their secret for a long time while beginners always struggle hard in a high competitive domain keyword.

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You should work on this method since mammoth visitors can only be achieved if you have millions of back links. Don’t hesitate since you can have a chance to get nice revenue from online business if you keep writing on topics you are familiar with. This is the only way to make sure you build quality content where you get loyal audience through it.



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