How to Earn a Legitimate Living Working From Home


There are many reasons that people look for work at home jobs. Many of these people are parents or caretakers of the disabled or elderly. Others are disabled themselves. Some people are looking to cut down on the costs of gas, business attire, and daycare. There are also those who simply prefer to work from the comfort of their own home and according to their own schedules.

Many job seekers give up on the prospect of working from home because they run into scam websites when they begin their search. However, there are legitimate companies that hire telecommuters if one knows where to look in order to find them. This article will outline several simple options for those seeking to work from home.

1) Transform Your Current Job Into a Work at Home Job. This first and simplest option is exclusively for those who are currently working outside the home. If your current job could easily be done from your home office, it does not hurt to propose this to your employer. Before you make your proposal, however, be sure to do your research and have an outline of how your working from home will benefit the company and save it money. You’d be surprised how many people have succeeded in doing this.

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2) Pursue Customer Service Work. The next option is to work as a customer service agent from your home. Virtual call center and customer service jobs are among the easiest and fastest work at home jobs to land. There are numerous companies that are continuously hiring for this. In order to qualify for this work you just need a quiet workspace, a landline with a corded headset, and in most cases a background check. This work is usually extremely flexible. One place to start: LiveOps

3) Data Entry and Transcription Jobs Are Real. There are also data entry and transcription jobs available to those who wish to work from home. These are not the easiest jobs to get and there are many scams on the internet claiming to be legitimate data entry jobs that you have to weed through. That being said, real jobs do exist in this field. For a high end transcription job, you should have training and a foot pedal. If you are just starting out and are willing to make a bit less money, there are entry level jobs that do not require any equipment. One place to start: Accutran Global

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4) Work as a Writer. If you have a knack for writing, there are plenty of freelance writing jobs to be found that can keep you busy and paid for as long as you like. A talented and experienced writer can land jobs for magazines and other major publications, but even a newbie to the writing world will find plenty of jobs supplying content for websites and blogs. One place to start: Content Current

5) Start a Business. Are you someone who prefers to work for yourself? If you are not afraid of selling, you can start a home business. If you have a specific skill set or you make crafts or jewelry you can begin there. If not, there are plenty of home businesses you can buy into for under $200 (some are even free). You will usually be supplied a website, training, and a startup kit with samples in exchange for your fee. From there, you can begin selling to friends and via the internet. If you have a blog or website, affiliate marketing is also an option for the entrepreneurial spirited. With affiliate marketing, there is no cost involved, but there is a lot of time needed to invest in order to drive traffic to your website. The commission rate is also lower in affiliate marketing than it is with most home businesses. One place to start: Tastefully Simple

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6) Apply With the Big Companies. Finally, there are many well-known, even Fortune 500, companies that have begun hiring employees to work from home. Visit the job boards on their websites and search for terms such as “virtual,” “work from home,” and “telecommute.” Most of these jobs come with all the perks you’d get if you were working in the corporate office such as medical benefits and a 401K. One place to start: Xerox

Now that you see all of the options available to those who wish to work from home, all you have left to do is to begin applying. Be sure to update your resume and be prepared to answer questions that explain why you are an ideal candidate to work from home such as how responsible you are, how well you work independently, and how self-disciplined you are. Good luck!



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