How to Find Profitable Topics For Your AdSense Website


You want to start a website or blog and place Google AdSense ads on your site to earn income. This is a great idea, but make sure you are choosing a topic that will generate income.

A lot of people will tell you to just pick a hobby or something you are really passionate about as your theme for your website or blog. Usually this is good advice because writing the useful, helpful and unique content will be easy for you to accomplish. You all ready have plenty of knowledge in this field.

But before you go off and start designing a website and writing all your content, do some research and make sure that you have people who are searching for this information and there are people who are placing ads with Google AdWords. Follow these steps for your research:

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1. Do some keyword research and see how much advertisers are paying for the keywords that you will be targeting in your articles and find out the average search volume for these keywords.

2. Use the Google AdWords keyword tool for free.

Type in your main keyword phrase and click on get keyword ideas. In the columns to display drop down menu, select:

show estimated avg CPC.

show aprox avg search volume

By seeing the avg CPC information you will be able to see what the highest paying keywords are for your niche. You will not be getting that much per click, but you can see which keywords are the best topics to write about.

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The approx avg search volume will show you the approximate average monthly number of search queries matching your keywords that were performed on Google.

After doing this research and you find that there is a small market for your topic and on average your keywords are being bid for a few cents, then you might want to pick a different topic so you can actually earn some decent income with Google AdSense.

There is no reason to start a website or blog and fill it up with great content if you have few people visiting your site and are displaying Google ads that will make you pennies per click.

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Do some keyword research and find the profitable niches so you can make a good income with Google AdSense.



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