How to Make Money Online From Home – Keyword Research – Part 3


In my prior articles, “How To Make Money Online From Home-Keyword Research” Part 1 & 2, we discussed how to get started.

First, find those few great keywords that are related to your product or service. Do a search on your competitors and refer to for analysis.

Take those keywords, do an advanced search using quotations marks to ensure they under 5000 in searches, if so use them in every media of your choice, i.e. website, blog, articles, press releases, etc.


Then notice what other ads appear in your search. When you see ads that are unrelated to your product or service, use negative keywords to narrow the search.

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After doing your due diligence in keyword research, take your base keyword that has the best search results. Place the other keywords you found with the same base, online business, to create an Adgroup. An Adgroup is a group of related keywords, i.e.

  • online business
  • online business opportunity
  • how to create an online business
  • get started with an online business

You will also include your negative keywords. These keywords can go into a campaign for paid advertising.

Choose a search engine, Google, Yahoo or Bing and educate yourself on the system and the analytics. Google analytics is a free service and doesn’t require you to advertise on Google to use it.

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Analytics tells you number of:

  1. Visits
  2. Pageviews
  3. Pages/Visits
  4. Bounce Rate,(Back Button)
  5. Average Time Spent on Your Site
  6. % of New Visits

It also goes into more specifics. But these are very important details to know in order to make money.

If you didn’t know how many visitors you have, you wouldn’t know what changes to make in advertising to get traffic.

Pageviews gives you the ability to look at a certain date to see when you had the most/least traffic. Pages/Visits goes into all pageviews for all visitors.

Bounce rate is how long someone stays on your website, if they automatically push the back button, you will have a higher bounce rate. So we definitely want a lower bounce rate to rank better.

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The average time spent on your site, if they don’t automatically hit the back button, how long are they spending on your site? Lastly, the percentage of new visits. How many visitors are new versus returning.

Everything stated in this article is simplified. If you are serious about making money online, finding an educational platform that will assist you is critical to your success.



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