How to Make Money Online No Scams – Making Yourself "Scam-Resistant"


Have you ever wondered MAKING YOURSELF “SCAM-RESISTANT”? It is easy to fall for scams. Their usual taglines are “fast cash”, “big income” or “big money for nothing”. And who wouldn’t want those? But the sad reality is, although money does exist on the Internet, you have to work for it. And there are a few things to consider before giving it a go.

First, avoid the how to make money online no scams sites. They are dime a dozen and you only have to search for the key phrase “make money” to see what I mean. So it is important to note that real Internet marketers don’t make their money from teaching other people how to make money online. Professional online marketers insist that the only way to go is developing the right sites on the right niches.

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Second, be wary of misinformation for they abound on the Internet. So it is important that you do research before you immerse yourself in online commerce. Be discerning in what you read and be knowledgeable about the products you want to sell or services you want to provide.


Now that you know what to avoid, here is a list of what you have to arm yourself with before you venture out into being an online money making machine. These could also help you avoid those sites that say how to make money online no scams.

o Basic knowledge about building a blog site, a Web page or a website.

o Knowledge on how to build pages on numerous free content sites.

o Knowledge on the incorporation of payment systems and/or advertisement features.

o Skill in key phrasing and knowledge on how search engines work.

o Information on how affiliate programs work.

o Marketing savvy.

o Knowledge on backlinks.

o Awareness of the trends in blogging and Google or Yahoo ranking.

o Skill in writing better and quicker.

o Knowledge in optimizing blogs for SEO purposes

o Knowledge on the psychology of marketing or what makes people buy.

o Entrepreneurial mindset.

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And last but not the least important thing to consider in understanding how to make money online no scams is that you should do away with your employee mentality. The attitude of doing nothing thinking you will get paid nonetheless will lead you nowhere. Online, you have to be proactive, assertive and always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to sell or provide. It would be beneficial to think that you are no longer an employee but the boss of your business that makes money online. This is how to make money online no scams.


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