How to Make Money Online Using Your Passion


The most effective method of how to make money online – and offline – is by doing what you enjoy. And there is always a way to make money doing something you love, sometimes it just takes thinking outside the box a little.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make money online while enjoying yourself!

1. Make a list of the topics you enjoy, feel passionate about or are interested in finding out more about. Don’t worry about how you could make money from them, or whether it would be possible, just write them on the list.


For example:

* Dolphins

* Chocolate

* Shoes

* Street dance

* Vacations in exotic countries

As you can see from the example list, it can be as diverse as you like.

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2. Pick from the list, one topic to start with. Don’t pick the one you think would be the most likely to make money online, pick the one you feel most excited about.

3. Spend some time doing keyword research, and niche research to find out what people are searching for, and what the post common issues and requests are regarding that topic. I’ll share with you below, where you can find out how to go about this research. Of course, this research should be an enjoyable process because it’s a topic you love or feel passionate about.

4. Find an affiliate product.

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Once you have a list of keywords and a note of what people are looking for, find an affiliate product by doing a search on Google for your “topic + affiliate”. Make sure you research the product well to check that it has good feedback from customers. You can become an affiliate on Amazon for many products (if for example your passion is gadgets, or shoes, or barbeques… you get the idea), or on ClickBank for information products about your topic.

5. Create a landing page – there are many free ways to do this. Make sure you put your main keyword in the title. Of course, you’ll have links to your affiliate product/s on this page with photos.

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6. Research your topic and write content for your webpage. Again, this should be an enjoyable task since you’ve chosen a topic you’re passionate about.

Now you have a product and a website about a topic you enjoy. The next step is to let the world know about it, and to get traffic to your site by using free methods, like article marketing and social network marketing.



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