How to Make Money Online With No Website – Start Making Money Online Today


Can you really start making money online with no website? Of course you can! The real key to making money online without a website is to write articles or classified ads and send people to an affiliate link for a product that you are selling. If this sounds technical don’t worry it really is as simple as copying and pasting the link! While you can make money without a website, I would encourage you to get a blog.

Blogs are basically free websites, and you can get one either at WordPress or Blogger. A Squidoo lens also does well for ranking in search engines which is essential when making sales. Here is a simple blueprint on how to make money online with no website.

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1. You are going to write articles and submit them to your blog and to article directories. These articles will increase your search engine rankings and get you some quality backlinks. If these terms seem technical do not worry, if you write articles the rest will take care of itself. In addition to writing articles you can also use classified ads to promote your blog.


2. You are going to put your affiliate links on your blog, and your blog site in the resource box of your articles. Write a resource box that makes people want to click through to your blog. A powerful resource box is essential to successful article marketing. One note; these do not have to be long articles, you can write just 250 words and accomplish your goal.

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3. To really succeed with this method you need to get the most out of each article. Most people write articles and they only get 5 or 6 people to their blog per article. This is unfortunate, because you can easily get over 200 visitors to your website per article if you know a few secrets.

To start making money online all you need is a little effort and a solid plan to follow. I have laid out for you a solid method to how to make money online with no website.


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