How to Make Money With Facebook


Want to learn how to make money with Facebook? This social media site is not just the most popular place to meet people on the internet right now; it’s also a minefield of business opportunities for those who can recognize it.

For those who spend hours each day browsing Facebook, it might be better to learn some money making schemes through this popular social media.

Basic Marketing: Status Updates


The most basic way of how to make money with Facebook is to simply advertise a site through status updates. This means that a business owner would simply place links to their site, press enter and wait for people to click on the link. If the visitor becomes interested and buys something, then that’s instant profit!

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The use of Pages

Facebook also provides pages for businesses to register in. These are specially made for online income generating opportunities and allow the online businessman to personalize their site according to the specifics of the business. After this, collecting a number of “fans” that would comprise of the target market is the next step of action. Each time the fan page is updated, and then it would show up on the wall of the fans, allowing for instant advertising.

Using Facebook Applications

There are currently numerous Facebook applications that may be used by sellers to showcase their products. Some of the popular apps used to stimulate earnings in Facebook include eBay, Radical Buy, Music Blaster and even Garage Sale. The great thing about this is that they are so well-programmed that sellers no longer have to worry about payment transactions and would instantly receive funds should they be configured correctly with the App.

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Facebook Ads

In some cases, business owners also make use of Facebook’s Ad service that charges as little as one dollar per day. This is much cheaper than other marketing strategies and actually exposes the site to more potential customers. Even better, Facebook ensures that the ads will be geared towards the target market so the chances of being visited grow higher.

Of course, these aren’t the only methods one can employ in order to make money from this particular site. In order to learn how to make money with Facebook, individuals would have to explore the site as much as possible especially as the opportunities for it are endless. Other social media sites are also ripe for marketing usage and all it takes is imagination on the part of the marketers to make it work.

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