How To Make Money With Google Adsense (Part 2)


Most of my blogs are dependent on Google AdSense to make real cash that I can put in my bank account and spend. In the next couple of weeks I am going to attempt to show you exactly what Google AdSense is and how it can be used to monetize your sites. I will also show you why it is so important to follow Google’s rules so that your account isn’t deleted.

Who Else Is Using AdSense To Make Money?

Everybody today is using AdSense to make thousands of extra dollars. High school students, house wives, retirees, moms and dads. Most of these people have never made a dime on the internet before but now are on their way to hundreds of thousands of dollars with Adsense. You may already have heard some of their stories. They are what we call super AdSense earners. All they have done is promote AdSense sites. This just goes to show that anyone can earn money using Adsense.

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Articles are the way to go. If you can write good original quality articles that are rich with good key words then you can make good money using Adsense. The nice thing about this is that you don’t really have to be an expert at anything. So if you’re not writing good articles and monetizing your site with AdSense then you are probably missing out on thousands of dollars.

Contents and links are the way many people are going. When you combine the two together you can’t get a better marketing tool for your internet business. This method of marketing will never grow old as long as you can keep coming up with quality content that people want to read. I would suggest studying key words and search engine optimization.

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So now you’re asking if this is so easy then why isn’t everyone doing it? There is a simple one word answer to that question. The word is time. In order to put out articles that have quality content you have to first write the articles and then you have to submit them to get them working for you. You can hire people to write good articles for you but you must be prepared to pay a little money before you make the money.

Do you like writing? If you answered yes to that question then you already have a distinct advantage over many others who are staying home to try and earn a living. So if you have the time I suggest you start writing articles related to your sites and start getting them submitted so you can start earning money from your AdSense ads.

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So What Exactly Do You Have To Do?

Write, write and write. You need articles with good quality content. These articles have to contain rich key words or phrases. These links have to be built into the resource boxes on your articles. Once these articles are on your sites then AdSense will put ads on your sites that relate to your key words.

Google AdSense is wide open to users. There is room for everyone to be involved with it. However I would suggest you get going because by waiting you’re missing out on millions and millions of dollars that are paid out every year with Adsense.

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