How to Make Money With Google AdSense Writing on HubPages


Google AdSense has become more popular than many other things around the web. Still it is a very hard thing to understand if you don’t do a little research on the background to try to gain some information as to how Google works and also how Google AdSense works, as Google AdSense is one of the many programs offered by Google. We are going to discuss some way how Google AdSense works as well as how to make some money using good AdSense right on HubPages.

First let me explain what Google AdSense is, well Google AdSense is a program that allows big advertisers, like amazon, eBay, Best Buy and many other big companies to display their ads on Google’s search engine results, or also display their ads on pages created by users like me and you. In order for you to make money from Google’s AdSense program, you need to create a website which is able to attract potential traffic from the internet on your website, Google allows you to display the ads from these advertisers on your websites, as long as your page contains meaningful related content, which relates to the advertisers advertisements. So if you are creating a website about Whey Protein for body building, and you are able to get good traffic to your website, Google will allow you to place advertisements on your page and pay you for it.

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How do you get paid? Well that’s simple. Advertisers pay Google through the AdSense program on click bases, they call this PPC which means Pay Per Click, so the advertiser will normally pay Google a amount for every click that he receives when someone clicks on he’s ads and then lands on he’s page. Well if you have this ad on your website and a user comes over looking for information on how to find the best Whey Protein, that user could eventually seen the advertisement on your website, find some interest towards it and then click it. Doing that Google automatically chargers the advertiser a CPC (Cost Per Click) where he shares with you a percentage from that click, since the Ad was on your website. Whether the user buys any products from the advertisers website or not, you still get paid for the click. So now you know what Google AdSense is and how it basically works. Lets understand how to make money with Google AdSense using very popular website called HubPages.

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HubPages is a community made of great writers, there writers spend time writing articles, also know as Hubs, well a website like HubPages allows you the writer to place Google Advertisements on your articles, but they charge you a percentage share, last I checked the percentage they were keeping was 40%, with that in mind, if you are writing about whey protein again, and someone comes to you Hub finds an interesting ad and then clicks on it, Google will automatically split the revenue between both you and the HubPages website. Whats so good about HubPages? Well HubPages is a very popular website, with great authority, meaning that Hubs or articles that you create on HubPages are set like individual sub domains, since HubPages has so much authority in the internet, you might soon find your self gaining great traffic in a way which would take a much longer time if you were working on a website created by you from scratch.

The best thing about HubPages is that it allows you to place items for sale on your pages like Amazon and eBay products, but then again Google AdSense is the best way to make the money. If you have not yet joined HubPages do it so on the link below. Remember that original content is the Key to Success. So write many Hubs with original content created by you only, published nowhere else, and watch as the revenue comes in. Once you sign up to HubPages you will then need to create a AdSense Account, but before signing up for Google AdSense, create some useful hubs about the things you like that most or your favorite subjects. After creating a few hubs apply to Google AdSense, this will give more chances for you to have your account accepted in a much better way with less hassle.

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Once you are approved for your Google AdSense account, enjoy the benefits of working with AdSense, and please never commit the mistake of clicking on your own ads. Because they can block you, and once you go blocked you can’t come back.



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