How to Make Money With Home Party Plans


Home parties can be fun and profitable for your direct sales or network marketing business. Here are a few tips for making money at home with them.

I suggest you keep your home party very simple as far as food is concerned. If you are marketing health products, you could serve green tea and fresh fruit. By keeping it easy you are showing potential customers and consultants there isn’t a lot of work or expense involved in hosting their own. Of course if your company markets tea or food items you certainly would want to include this.

If you have skin care or cosmetics you will likely find it easier to keep the guest list at no more than about 8 people, so everyone has adequate opportunity to sample your products. It can be helpful to know ahead of time what skin type your guests are although this isn’t mandatory, as long as you have enough samples for people who will be attending. Skin care and cosmetics are considered recession proof as people will spend money on products to help them look and feel better regardless of the economy.

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The more guests can smell, taste, and try out products at a party the more likely you will have sales. People often buy on emotion, which is one reason why I think cosmetic products can be so powerful, your company can notice right away how nice their skin feels, or how good a certain cosmetic looks on them.

I don’t believe anyone should have to keep a large inventory. This is especially important when consultants are first starting out, to keep costs down until they are making money. Having products to sample is vital to having home parties, and perhaps a small amount on hand so when you have retail sales you can send customers home with products right away, but I don’t personally think anyone should have to have a big financial outlay to be successful. Some companies discourage any inventory at all, and others expect it of their consultants.

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Your biggest objective in hosting a party will be to find others who are willing to host one for you. Referrals will be the fastest way you can grow your business. As you get others to book parties, you do the first party or two for them, until they are comfortable doing it themselves.

I believe home parties will continue to be popular and successful as people are looking for ways to supplement, or even replace their income. While many marketers do other methods as well to build their businesses, I know of people who have been very successful just hosting parties and teaching new consultants how to do the same.

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