Is AdSense Still Cool?


Google AdSense is the most famous of all advertising networks on the internet. This may be because Google itself is the king of the internet, and its services and products dominate the most. So, how does AdSense works?

What is a niche?

Whatever your niche is, the AdSense automatically generates the advertisements that fit to your blog’s theme. For example, if you’re into music reviews, the ads in your blogs are generally, music stores, music downloads, and so forth. What has been noticed in professional blogs is that they do not contain Google AdSense. This may be because these professional bloggers get direct advertisement directly from the advertisers whereas the Google, a third-party ad network, are the main communicators of our advertisers in our blog. Well, if your blog is already that high-profile, well-packaged with relevant information, and constantly updated, the advertisers will attest that your blog is serious business where they can advertise their products to your dedicated readers/ visitors.

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First rule of AdSense

Through word of mouth advice: never click your own ads. Google sees and Google knows. Hahaha. Seriously, being a super mega gigantic internet tycoon, Google surely has ways to trace the validity of your ads’ clicks. As a conclusion, they say Google is the fastest, surest, and safest ad networking out there. Surely, there are lots of them but Google AdSense tops the list. But as the general bloggers’ golden rule goes (I made this one up). Find a niche then advertise your niche. Blog seriously before you advertise seriously.

So, is it still cool?

The downside of this famous moneymaking venture is that it automatically terminates your account whenever they detect invalid click activities. For example, some malicious visitors or your enemy will visit your site and just clicks every ad, then Good Luck! No matter how much your earning is, Google forfeits it all. So just imagine if you already have $500 then it just quickly fades away, well, another Good Luck!

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