Ivybot Forex Robot – And the Ups and Downs of These Forex Trading Robots


IvyBot is surely one of the most popular foreign exchange trading robots in the market yet. It has been getting a lot of raves, reviews and attention from people involved with the forex market, beginners and professionals alike, due to the characteristics that it possesses such as; very easy and very simple to use and operate, remarkable and highly profitable market trading results, and it is cheap to acquire. However, even with these very impressive profile that is has, this forex robot is still to be hailed as the best forex trading robot that you can find in the market today. Why, you ask. Well, to be honest, this trading robot may have its very notable traits, but it also has some down sides attached to it.

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Read on and find out the advantages – and the disadvantages of this forex trading robot that all of you should know about before you recognize this as the best forex robot in the market.

The Ups

Since Ivybot is one hundred percent automated – meaning, fully automatic and can continually make trades without a human’s intervention, you do not have to check with this forex robot regularly, and would not need your timely surveillance, just to be sure that this is working properly.


This forex robot is so inexpensive. For just 50 US Dollars, you could purchase this product and reap its market trading rewards. However, if you feel that you are dissatisfied with how this forex robot performs, you could always avail its money back guarantee, on or before 60 days from the day that you made the purchase.

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This software is very easy to use that even a beginner will not have a hard time with it. Plus, it gets updated and improved regularly (every week) and automatically with all the happenings in the market trading industry.

The Downs

IvyBot can only trade using 4 pairs of currencies. And it cannot teach the user the ropes about the industry. This is not exactly a threat, but it would be more agreeable if the user, too, can learn from it.


There would be no harm in trying this software first, due to the money back guarantee that it offers, however, limit your trades to lower amounts to avoid great loss.

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