Know the Basics of AdSense to Make Money With It


For all website publishers who want to make money AdSense is a boon. It is the best way to monetize your website. The best part of it is it is absolutely free. You need not spend anything to place AdSense ads in your website. Many people are using AdSense to make a residual income from their website. There are many people in the online industry who are using AdSense websites as a major source of their income.

Building AdSense website is an art. You need some patience and spend some time for designing. The investment requires is in terms of time. Once built and successfully publishes, your website will then bring you cash endlessly. You need to take initial maintenance to fine tune your AdSense earnings. After that your website does not need maintenance at all except for updating your contents.

You must first decide on the theme of your website. You can start one with the theme of your passion. Is this world, you can find many people having the same passion. If you are not able to decide the theme you can find the keywords that are most searched by people. There are many keyword suggestion tools in the market that will help you select the most wanted keywords. But remember for more targeted keywords you will have high competitions. Somehow you have to make your website stand out of others.

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Then you have to write articles on the keywords you have chosen to be the theme of your website. The articles must be centered on the keywords. You can write more than one article per keyword. Focus you article on a single keyword or a single keyword phrase. You can later use these articles for marketing your website. Your articles must be original and search engines will always like new and original content.

The next step is to design your content rich website. Your website need not contain information alone. You can include products associated to your interest and you can even use your website for affiliate marketing. Your website must be tightly themed. Don’t place irrelevant content in your WebPages.

You can now apply for a Google AdSense account. Your application will be approved in ten days time. Then you are allowed to place AdSense ads in your website by adding simple JavaScript code that is provided by Google. You can use the same account for placing ads in more than one website. The theme of the websites may be different but you need to get approval from Google for each website.

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You have to carefully choose the layout, color and format of your AdSense ads. The popular layout is large rectangle. Forget about skyscrapers and banners as they are no more liked by viewers. Match the color theme of AdSense ads with your website so that they blend with the background of your website or they compliment your website. Don’t use flashy colors and make the ads look very obvious.

The best location to place the ads is the top left of the webpage as almost all users will first look at the top. Never place ads in the bottom. Don’t try to hide your ads from the users. After all you need clicks from your users. You can use up to 3 ad blocks in a single page. Your website can have any number of pages and you can include AdSense ads in any or all the pages in your website.

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You have various tools provided by Google to tune your AdSense ads to your taste. The AdSense preview tool will help you see how your ads will appear before deploying it in your website. Blocking certain websites from placing ads is also available with AdSense. You can add them to your blacklist so that you can avoid ads from your competitors.

There is no specific rule to placing AdSense ads. You have to learn from your experience.

You can use the statistics tool that comes with your AdSense account to find the high targeted pages in your website. When you find certain formats working for you then use them in the other pages. Find which ads are generating revenue for you and try to improve your earnings out of them. When you carefully watch your AdSense earnings and the tools that are provided then you can even double the money you are making with AdSense.



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