Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online at a Very Minimal Cost


The topic of making money online is very sensitive, and the main reason can be explained by almost 70% of all the people who give these so called internet businesses a try. The online money making field is so flooded with scams, and its so unfortunate to see the numbers of people being sucked into these ploys is always at a constant high. There is one thing that I can make it clear and in the process give you a simple way around it. There is not such thing as a a get rich quick scheme and if you happen to see any person telling you how they will make you instant millionaires in just days, run and run fast, these cases are very popular, many of these people claim to have the secret to success with on of their hands in your pocket.

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The only way to get rich quick online is through Google AdSense, this is a Google owned opportunity whereby Google pays you to place ads on your website or Blog, and for every visitor that clicks on these ads your account gets credited and that’s it.

Other forms of online business opportunities that you can use to make money online include:


– Affiliate marketing

– Internet marketing

– Network marketing

– Survey programs

I know what I have just mentioned is just too general, but don’t worry I will give you a few recommendations that will be of great benefit to you. First of all don’t join any affiliate program that asks you to part with money, in fact the best affiliate programs are FREE to join, and include:

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– Clickbank

– Commission junction

– Linkshare

– Share a sale

– Market health

– Pay dot com

When it comes to internet marketing there is a lot to be said because this is the bay for many get rich quick scams. Basically a good internet marketing business opportunity should not cost you an arm and a leg and the tools and resources should be worth more than the monetary value, plus should have a strict refund policy whereby if you find that they are not offering what they promise you can cancel and get your refund immediately, unfortunately I only know of one by the name of Wealthy Affiliate you can get the links on my blog below.

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Its important that you get your time and your money’s worth, and knowing legitimate ways to make money online is not just an option.

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