Make $5,000 in 1 Hour Online – Earning Money Fast and Easy


Okay, the clock is ticking and you want to see if you can make money fast – real fast. Here is one idea for you to play with the speed of the clock in order to make $5,000 in one hour online the fast and easy way.

01 Contact a wholesale supplier of any product that they are trying to MOVE. They will usually offer amazing discounts – as much as 50% off wholesale. Agree to purchase $5,000 in product giving you 10,000 worth of inventory. Let’s assume that each product cost you $50 each, but you got it at 50% below the wholesale cost so that means your retail value is $150 and you have 100 products.

02 Purchase an e-mail list. You can buy 500,000 for $500 and some offer less. Just make sure that they are Can Spam or Permission based e-mail lists.


03 Write up a super simple to the point sales letter that will be in e-mail that includes the following:

Killer Headline that gets the buyer to WANT to read

Why they should read and ACT now

Benefits and a specific call to action

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You may not want to spend a lot of time here but note that if you mess this part up, you could have wasted all your efforts. So get it right. The fastest way to do this is to take an e-mail sales copy you received and use it as a model.

You also need to include a payment option. Since you did not want to spend hours setting up a Web site you need to throw up your item onto Google checkout, Amazon, Pay Pal or sites like Ebay.

NOTE: you can also just collect that persons information by having them fill out a form or simply state – in order to keep this product cost at the lowest possible price we are only accepting e-mail orders. You can also simply request that they send an e-mail to [email protected] and stat that you will send them an invoice from your secure server…

Okay, now back to your product. You want to make money fast and you do NOT want to sit on your products. So, what you are going to do is pass that savings you got from your supplier over to your customer by offering a $150 product for only $100. You still have a 100% return and thus double your money.

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Because you only have a limited number of products, be sure to explain this in your e-mail Sales Copy.

04 Send out the e-mail and sit back and collect your income. Let’s do a little math:

You send out 500,000 e-mails. But let’s assume that only 20% actually read them. That leaves us with 100,000 people reading your e-mail super sale. Now let’s say that out of that 100,000 20% decide to buy. That gives you about 20,000 orders. Certainly way too many. So let’s be pessimistic and say that only 10% of the people read your e-mail, giving us 50,000 readers and 10% of those purchase your products and you have 5,000 in sales. But you don’t need 5000 in sales as you only have 100 products so let’s be even more pessimistic and say that only 5% of the people will read your e-mails -25,000 and only 5% of those will purchase. This still gives us way too many people looking to buy as we are at 1250. However, let’s just say we will sell out of our product and have to turn away some customers.

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So, how much money did you make? Well since your markup was 100% your return will be 10,000 and so your profit is $5,000 for about an hour’s worth of work. You will have to play with this strategy until you have a solid system and like any good idea, there are always kinks to work out. However, for those that really want to earn money fast and easy, this is an idea that could make you very rich. Question is, do you want to make $5,000 in 1 hour online?



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