Make Money at Home and Turn Your Dream Into Reality by Starting an Online Business on Your Computer


Making money from home used to sound like a dream to me. Now that I actually do work from home on my computer and make an excellent living, it is my reality. This just goes to show you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

I started out online in 2005, not knowing what I could possibly do to make any money. It seemed like everyone already had a coaching business or some other type of business they could easily bring to the internet. I did not have anything I was already doing, so I was truly starting from scratch.

I saw that people were making money online. I knew this was true because I was working in real estate and saw how much property they owned. This is public information, so I was not looking at anything that was private or personal. The first person I spent thousands of dollars with to help me to learn how to build an online business had property in several states. I knew he was being honest about making more than a million dollars a year to be able to own so much real estate, even if he had several partners. I think we tend to be skeptical about making money on the internet until we see some solid proof.

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Once I believed it was possible, I just had to see what I had to offer others that would be worth money. After a year of learning about blogging, article marketing, affiliate marketing, and more, I realized that people wanted to learn from me about how to get started online with their own business. This was when I decided that my niche would be helping others to build their own online empire.

During the past three years I have made money with several smaller niches as well, including public speaking, dog training, weight loss, relationships, and more. I am not an expert in any of these areas, and I do not ever pretend to be, but I still have lots of personal experience that makes it possible for me to write about each topic and promote affiliate products. You can do the same thing while you are choosing a niche.

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