Make Money Online – Secrets to Placing Your AdSense Ads For Maximum Profit


Google AdSense makes a lot of people a whole lot of money each month, while others struggle to make a few dollars. There are several reasons why some people fail to make top income from their AdSense campaign and knowing how and where to place the ads on a website is one of the most important things to know.

An individual with a website or blog has very different needs to a company or corporate website. An individual is looking to make a significant profit from their AdSense campaign.

Ad placement concerns where you place your ads on your pages. Not all pages are equal. Programs, such as Google AdSense and others rely on the keywords they find on your pages to provide the information to choose which ads to display.

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Therefore, it is important you consider the keywords of pages where you are placing your AdSense advertising. To make higher revenue per click from each ad, you need to be attracting high paying advertisers. This is where your keyword research will come into play. You need to learn what keywords are paying the best and consider creating high quality content pages that also have the keywords that advertisers are prepared to bid on.

The same idea works in reverse. If your pages are short of content, poorly targeted and low in specific keywords, then AdSense is not going to show the highest paying ads on your site.

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This means that the quality of your content is vital in order to provide the AdSense calculating algorithm (the program that works out which ads to display) the best opportunity to place high paying ads on your site.

You need to place ads into the highest traffic areas of your website where your visitors go to the most. Spend time analysing your website statistics to discover which pages on your site are visited the most.

Before you race off and change the location of the ads on your site, consider if it is the best thing for you to potentially send your visitors away. If you have a product squeeze page for example, this is not a page where you should place AdSense ads.

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Once you know where your visitors go and what keywords they are searching on, you can really begin to optimise your site for your AdSense campaign to really take off and start to make you money online.



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