Make Money Online – Use SEO


Do you want a method to improve your e-marketing results?

Then you have to try to take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization. In this article we are going to give you six helpful tips on doing just that.

Make money online using SEO tip number 1: set up a WordPress blog


Setting up a blog will not only generate traffic and create a cordial relationship between your business and its customers but it will also aid in your SEO efforts. Just remember to mention keywords relevant to your business in your blog titles and content and the blog will be an effective and easy SEO tool.

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– Make money online using SEO tip number 2: add good content

Add a blog post once every week at the start. Frequency and consistency are important to search engines, and users will come to expect regular updates. When you add content be sure to add relevant tags and categories. Tags and directory structures help show the search engines what your post is about. Another great way is to start with other’s article ideas, change the content and make comments about the article while still referencing the original author.

– Make money online using SEO tip number 3: manage RSS feeds

RSS feeds are a great way to keep the content of your blog flowing to your audience even if they don’t visit the blog regularly. It can reach them anywhere if they have mobile internet devises.

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– Make money online using SEO tip number 4: Promote your blog

Always try to leverage search engines whenever you can, conduct solid keyword research to find out what people are searching for within your industry or niche. If you are active in the online community visit related forums and other blogs to exchange dialogue and links. Make sure to tag everywhere and try to get a listing.

– Make money online using SEO tip number 5: leverage podcasts and videos

Don’t focus on text only; try to have a diverse content format. Use online podcasts and video to support your blog. They grab the attention of your visitors more and can be shared all over social media sites.

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– Make money online using SEO tip number 6: optimize your WordPress blog

Your blog should be optimized for your users, search engines and income, in that specific order. You must always try to maintain a professional looking blog.



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