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If your style of thinking is not standard one then I can consider you to be rather a promising guy. Standard thinking often prevents normal human formation though I can not say that standard patterns can not be applied in reality. In fact all the resources of human mind should be used for accomplishment of different tasks. Exactly mental activity is that distinctive skill of every human.

As for in my life I always try to avoid standard mental thinking because they are not able most of the time. For example now many people are tortured with needs to find a better occupation to adjust their living to the current financial crisis. Certainly this recession is forcing people change their attitude to life. During this crisis we face difficulties with our consumption. It is becoming harder to gratify our necessities. But many people still believe the can solve this problem simply by getting new jobs. It seems to them that for a few extra hours they can sacrifice their free time in order to enhance their financial position. But I think that they are too lazy to think about other alternative ways of improving their living. That is why they are fully occupied with second jobs and they are not able to see any prospects.

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Certainly such people mentioned above do not believe that there is such a variant as to make money online. Besides their natural laziness they are greatly impressed by typical myths regarding the fact that there is no way to make money online. Lazy people are fearful of doing new things which greatly differ from their current lifestyle. I believe that it is one of their greatest mistakes.


The main thing is that our life can not be imagined without troubles. But these difficulties can be relatively easily endured if there is a special approach to them. But the secret of this special approach is very simple. You should only stick to what you do and nothing else.

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Making money online can not be standardized at all because due to constant battle between virtual competitors one has to apply new web strategies in order to go in tune of time. Making money online means the requirement to maintain the highest level of your skills all the time because fast developing web technologies can make you feel “outdated” very soon. So your typical concern will be being in a rush for new knowledge regarding internet marketing and other features closely connected with websites.

Your determination is your best tool for e-marketing. You can devote a particular website to your hobby entirely. Certainly your creature should be promoted enough to be potentially profitable. Once you notice crowds of users paying visits to your website every day then it is high time to monetize by setting cash traps on your website. I mean ads placed there to give you regular income. I think it is no rocket science for you.

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Is it doable or not to earn money online today? Well, actually it is a little bit of both, because if you will surf the internet for a while, you will see that many people report to know many ways to make money online.

But be aware that today it is not THAT easy to accomplish that, because the competition is pretty high and a lot of people want to make money online.



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