Make Money Online Writing Articles – 3 Ways to Make Money From Article Writing


You can make money online writing articles if you are able to write short articles (normally 300-500 words) in simple plain English. If you have never considered the possibility of making money by writing, here are three ways you can make a profit from writing short articles for publishing online.

1. Ghost Writing

The way ghost writing works is that you write articles and then sell the full rights to the material. This means you are not allowed to claim ownership of the article in any way (for example by publishing it elsewhere under your own name); the article and copyright pass absolutely to the person who buys it.

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You can make money as a ghost writer by writing articles and then selling them to an online company; they will pay you a set fee which is calculated on the word count of the article. You can also ghost write articles and sell them on a freelance basis; the easiest way to do this is to advertise online and write articles to order as and when they are commissioned.

2. Submitting Your Own Articles To Websites

You can make money by submitting articles you have written to websites, such as, where you have the chance to earn a few cents for each time your article is read on the website.

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There are a growing number of websites where you can submit articles and get paid either for the article itself or (and this is more usual) get paid a percentage of the advertising revenue earned by the site; Squidoo is a popular site for people who want to make money online by writing articles and having them posted online.

3. Writing Articles To Promote Products As An Affiliate

Another way to make money online from writing is to use the articles you write to promote products online. The way this works is that your article will contain a link (this link will be embedded with your affiliate details) to a product, and you get paid commission every time somebody makes a purchase after clicking through the link in your article.

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Of these three ways to Make Money online writing articles, promoting products as an affiliate offers by far the greatest earning potential.



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