Make Money Writing Fanfiction Online Through Blogging


Do you love writing fanfiction (or fanfics) as a hobby? There are a lot of people out there already writing fanfiction about their favorite anime, TV show or even movie series. But I bet not many of them are making money out of it. Why? Because the either probably don’t know how or they haven’t even thought about making money from writing fanfiction.

For those who have no idea what fanfiction is or never heard the term fanfics before – it’s basically the creation of fictional content based on an already existing storyline. For example, you take characters from your favorite anime or franchise and write your own story within that same universe and let your creativity just flow.

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You can make money writing fanfiction if you write on a blog that makes money. These are generally referred to as ‘money sites’ where you drive traffic and people and up clicking or even buying stuff. Think about it – if you love writing fanfiction, when why not make money doing it?


It’s a very simple concept. Just like how magazines, TV programs and other media make money. A lot of it is made through the advertising revenue. People read or watch the material and then commercials are shown. What if you took that concept into a blog?

Imagine you just write about your favorite series and post it on your blog and just get people to your site? It can be that simple and easy if you now what you’re doing.

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Starting a blog is not hard at all. Especially when you are already experienced in writing fanfiction or writing in general. It’s almost the same way journalists make the big money. You can just as easily start a WordPress blog, pick a theme, install some plugins and start writing. All you really need to do then is just get more people to read your stories.

There are other people making a lot of money with travel blogs, fashion blogs or even food blogs and all they do is write about their passions. So why not do the same writing fanfiction on a blog? You do it anyway so why not earn some money doing it?

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Bear in mind, you don’t need any technical knowledge or expertise in web design at all to start a fanfiction blog. Just keep writing to your heart’s content. Be creative and share your stories with the world!



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