Make Your Home Business Immune To The Sharks And Thieves Who Want To Shamelessly Copy Your Product


If you own a home business with a proprietary product you own and control, sooner or later you may start thinking about going to some bigger companies and seeing if they will want to sell it.

Only problem is, there are horror stories all the time about how people take their products to bigger companies only to be told no and then see an exact duplicate of their product being sold a few months later.

Is this a real concern you should be worried about?


Yes and no.

Yes, it is a real concern but no it is not something you necessarily need to be worried about.

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Because, you see, fair or not, there will always be people who see your idea and who will rip you off without shame or remorse.

But you can’t let that stop you. While there are some bad apples out there, most companies are honest and won’t rip you off.

And besides that, a lot of companies are scared to death of being sued over this very thing.

There are lawsuits going on right now where some guy worked for a company for 20 years, told someone his idea, was fired or quit later, and then saw his product idea being used by that same company.

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And from what I’ve been told, most companies will avoid that at all costs.

So my point of all this is, if you have a truly wonderful product, that people want and are willing to pay money for, go for the gold.

Try to get other bigger companies to sell it. Advertise the living daylights out of it. Don’t worry too much about anyone stealing it and milk as much money as you can from it while there is demand.

Besides, if you keep current on the latest and best marketing tactics, you’ll always be one step ahead of the thieves and sharks anyway.

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