Making Your AdSense Adverts Pay You More Per Click


Knowing how to get more per click will always make the difference, for example if you just generate default keywords you will hardly get more than $0.20 per click, but with a little keyword research you could earn up to $5 per click, this is the reason why people never earn more than hundreds of dollars monthly, so if you receive 100,000 visitors monthly and you earn $0.20 per click, you will earn $200 at one percent click through ratio, but if you are using a $1 keyword you will earn $1,000 a month, note that you can also get keywords that will pay you more. This is the reason why people earn tens of thousands of dollars monthly.

You can get a free keyword tool from Google AdWords, with this tool you can just include few keywords and do a search for other related keywords, be sure to include the estimated average payment people are paying for the keywords. Now you will have hundreds of related keywords with the amount advertisers are paying per click, for some keywords, advertisers are willing to pay up to twenty eight dollars per click, so Google can pay you up to five dollars per click for you to help them get clicks. So do more research and you will begin to see a big difference in your earnings. This tool is called Google AdWords keyword tool external, you can do a search for its link on Google, you will find it free online.

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Never follow the opinion of people condemning some certain niche, follow the niche that you have interest for and you can write very well about. But if you have money you can hire ghost writers to help you write articles for other niche. Some of the highest paying niches with more daily search are weight loss, guitar, make money online, dog, loans and many others. Another thing you should do if you want your website or blog to be able to hold high paying keyword advert is to use the high paying keywords in writing your content. This will make your visitors always see the best adverts on your website. Also note that when including these keywords in your content, do not repeat a keyword for more than 3 times, else Google will ignore it. You could make the keywords the topic or sub pages of your website.

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Lastly if you want to make more money from your AdSense adverts you definitely need more traffic, so write and submit articles to article directories, people will see them and will most likely visit your page and this will also increase your search engine ranking, so when people search for keywords relating to your articles, your article subject and summary will come up, this will furthermore convince then to read your article and also you can use forums and social book marking sites to get massive traffic. There are also other traffic generation methods like search engine submission, email marketing, back linking to other high traffic sites and posting comments with your link on other high traffic blogs

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