Marhaba Bahrain

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“Marhaba” which mean “welcome” in Arabic will be the first word that you will hear when you get to Bahrain. The small island Kingdom of Bahrain is known for its friendly and smiling people. Bahrain means two seas as it is bordered by both the Arabian and Persian Gulf.

Located just north of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain is a place where culture meets modern living. The small but organized Bahrain International Airport is the customary gateway to this “Island of Golden Smiles”. London cab like taxis are available in the airport can be hired and shuttle you to the hotel of your choice with no fuzz. It is ideally situated outside of the busy Manama City Center where almost all the businesses are conducted.

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Bahrain is known as a paradise of shoppers. The Manama Gold Suq is the primary place for the tourists. Hand crafted gold jewelries and ornaments can be purchased at bargain prices. The modern World Trade Center, Seef Mall and the City Center are the places where tourist and expatriates converge to purchase the latest designs offered by the best designers of the fashion industries. Traditional handcrafted brass and other Arabic inspired ornaments can be purchased in the Manama Suq. The Chamber of Commerce often schedules “sales” to attract more visitors to the cosmopolitan island.


The Bahrain National Museum located near the Manama Causeway will offer visitors a brief history of the ancient Bahrain. Antique and unique Quran can be seen and admired at the Beit Al-Quran. The old Portuguese forts in Muharraq and Budaiya is the testament of its colonial past. The island kingdom offers a long sea side public park where visitors can leisurely walk to enjoy the sun rise and sun set. Traditional Arabic boats called “dhow” are available to tour the small island coast lines.

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Bahrain is at its best during spring and autumn. The Formula One races is one of its attractions. Kings and royalties often grace the high profile event. Week long festivals are organized for the tourist. Fireworks and aerial displays are also organized. Private spas and accommodations are also available for the elite. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel offers Mediterranean inspired private villas by the beach where you can enjoy you stay. There is only one word that will describe the hotel- luxury.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is the place where business meets pleasure. Manama City is the Financial Hub of the Middle East. Reputable Banks and Investment Houses had established their presence in the country.

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