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On 09 November 2001, Islamic terrorists had attacked the World Trade Centre (WTC) towers in the USA and the entire structure, which was constructed using millions of tons of steels and concretes, had dissipated in thin air with in a few minutes in front of entire world people’s eyes. The attack had not only shaken the Americans but had also forced the Western Nations to view emerging Islamic Fundamentalist and Terrorists Threat (IFTT) to the world Peace at the transnational levels. Why Islamic terrorists had roasted 3037 innocent civilians alive would never be known to the kith and Kin of dead people? Is Pakistan a Terrorist State?

Anyhow, I feel that the attack on USA soil was with the twin aim of one, demonstrating Muslim terrorists resolve to resist USA hegemony; and the second to convey a message to the Western Nations that terrorist can strike at every place on the earth at will. President Bush’s efforts in post WTC attack had forged a unity amongst the Western nations to fight the menace of International Islamic Terrorism (IIT). I would say that till 9/11/01, all the previous US Government’s were immune to the pains, sufferings and miseries of victims of ISI premeditated and executed frequent terrorist’s attacks in India. Though, US foreign policy makers were very faintly acknowledging Indians cries against Pakistani sponsored terrorism; but they had continuously maintained double standard policy towards curbing Pakistan. I am still sure that WTC attack could not have be carried out without intricate knowledge and planning of notorious ISI Agency of Pakistan. The urgency with which President Bush Junior had spelled out USA’s intention to bring perpetrators of WTC 9/11/01 attack to justice, had still remained a remote dream of US even today. Though the Bush administration had been able to garner world leaders’ opinion against terrorism, but USA had miserably herself failed in all field of curtailing terrorism at international level and to bring Osama-bin-Laden (OBL) to justice. What to talk about capturing and punishing, the US entire war machinery could not even come to know where about of OBL till date. OBL is believed to be very much alive under ISI protégé in the safe heavens of NWFPA areas in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Cantankerous Game victims: India and USA


Why has USA so far failed to capture Osama-bin-Laden?

Reply to my question is hidden in the Government of India’s (GOI) repeated attempts of exposing Pakistan’s notorious ISI-OBL-Dawood trio international terrorists links and ISI role in exporting international terrorists from Pakistan terrorists producing factories running from various Madarssas. ISI knows that US can do nothing without their help; therefore, the Pakistan government is playing double game both with India and US. While Pakistan had convinced, the US leaderships that she is training foreign terrorists to fight Jihad in Kashmir; but actually ISI is stealthy smuggling out foreign terrorists trained in those camps to Afghanistan and Iraq to fight against US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation nation’s forces. Why ISI had chosen Afghan-Pakistan border areas as safe heaven for OBL is very evident from ISI infamous design of playing double standard game with USA. ISI is very sure that USA will never be able to apprehend fugitive OBL without Pakistan help, therefore, the entire Pakistani government machinery is making all out efforts to milk billions and trillions of US dollars before either OBL dies his natural death or is about to die. ISI hawks know that if USA is able to locate OBL by any chance, the Pakistan Government would force him to crossover to Afghanistan to clean Pakistan bloody linens. I am still sceptical that ISI would handover mortal remains of Osama to desperate USA leadership to gain home face savings victory. US policy makers know that Islamic Terrorism cannot be fought without Pakistani support; therefore, all their foreign policies in South East Asia are Pakistan centric. While Pakistan is trying to milk US maximum on one side, she is orchestrating fight against foreign terrorists settled permanently in NWFP hill areas on the other. These foreign terrorists are actually those Jihadies who were enrolled to fight Jihad in the world anywhere.

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While Pakistan is trying to contain terrorism on her soil using Army; she wants Indian government to resolve through dialogue and peaceful means in Kashmir. ISI is training, feeding, arming and providing all logistic support to Indian terrorists hiding in Pakistan. ISI does not allow any US military observer to visit Terrorists Training Camps (TTC) in Pakistan Occupied Poonch and Kashmir (POPK) to keep the number of foreign terrorists being trained suspicious so that Pakistan could stealthily smuggle out most of the foreign trained terrorists to Afghanistan and Iraq to fight Jihad against US only.

IIT Training Factories in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sudan

USA and Western Nations should understand that until unless international terrorists manufacturing and exporting factories set up in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan and Ethiopia are not completely dismantled and destroyed, the world cannot be freed from IIT. Indian intelligence agencies have listed nearly 34 TTC in POPK to fight covert war in Kashmir. Infact, it is the ISI design to continue training terrorists in the garb of Kashmir problem overtly and train and supply IIT to other part of the world discreetly. The recent exposure of Multinational ethnic Muslim Terrorists training camp in Muzzaffrabad district of POPK has still not opened US eyes of double cross. I cannot believe that US government is unaware of various TTC setup in Pakistan. I am very sure that all the international terrorists from Kashmir, Bangladesh, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and other Muslim countries are trained to fight Jihad, therefore, terrorists trained in POPK camps are to fight against USA, Britain, Australia, Canada and other non-Islamic nations. ISI is directly routing these IIT to fight Jihad not against India and Israel but against USA and the West. If I understand Pakistani leader’s paycheque well then I will assure the World that it is ISI only which is actually supplying trained terrorists to Taliban in Afghanistan and Al-Qaida in Iraq. It is the agony of fact that ISI is training IIT with funds received from USA to fight against USA and Western countries only.

Fears of President Mohammad Hafiz Karzai of Afghanistan are not baseless. Pakistan is solely responsible for continued unrest in Afghanistan. Karzai had time and again cried ISI links with Taliban and other terrorist’s outfits in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Muslim Fundamentalist Organisations operating from Pakistan are funding Taliban. They are also arranging logistic support for rest and recuperating for injured terrorists and safe heaven for transiting terrorists and their leaders wanted by US. Though the world leaders had acknowledging the role of Pakistan in supporting Taliban in Afghanistan and Al-Qaida in Iraq; but the US officials keep their eyes shut. In addition to Pakistan, a large number of foreign terrorists are entering in Afghanistan which are trained in Bangladesh, Taliban controlled areas in Afghanistan and Sudan. The US own intelligence agencies had revealed that a large numbers of Al-Qaida terrorists, who are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, are being trained in Sudan as well.

Why USA is closing her eyes towards the future rising Islamic Terrorists and Fundamentalists threat to the world peace is not known; but the attack on US citizens’ world over would certainly increase in the coming years ahead.

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Is Pakistan a Rogue State?

Pakistan was born as a rogue state, she is a rogue State and she would remain as a rogue state said Sri Jagannath BA in 1965 after first Indo-Pak war while addressing a small school children assembly in Village Piplia on 26 January 1966 AD. I feel that until unless ISI is ruling and Pakistan continued to ascertain his dominant role in Islamic world, there are remote chances of world peace. Pakistan cannot compete with Saudi Arabia in anyway due to hardliner fanatics and fundamentalist’s control of Mosques and Madarssas.

World Peace: Prerequisites

The Prophet had founded Islam to bring unity, universal brotherhood, equality and peace amongst his followers preaching to take arms only to defend and not to wage war other religions. However, Muslim followers had taken on the responsibility of spreading Islam on themselves using Sword and world had become the battlefield of newly founded Islam and old traditional Christianity. While Islam had spread using sword rapidly, the Christianity took nearly fifteen centuries to reach other corners of the World. Though Prophet had never propagated spreading Islam using sword but his follower with vested interest had become saviour of Islam. The Muslim fundamentalists and self proclaimed Islamic leaders had followed violence to suppress followers which is still continuing unabated. If Islamic religious leaders do not visualise and comprehend the future needs of Muslim people, then there would never be lasting peace on the planet Earth.

I feel that world can never witness peace until unless:-

One; Islamic clergy reviews, redefine or remove the world Kaffir or Infidel or Non-Muslims from their religious scripture from ‘The Holy Quran’

Two; Muslims bring equality amongst both sexes human life that is male and female or man and woman. How can there be peace; where four women evidences are equated with one man evidence.

Three; there is a basic inevitability for Islamic scholars, clergy and intelligentsia to sit and review the way of Muslims life with changing technologies and advancement of science in human life. I feel that until unless:-

• Islamic scholars review their way of leading social life within the modified scope of Hadit (Rule of Prophet Life) and Shriyaya (Way of leading life like Prophet) is followed religiously. My study on over a thousand Muslim families in rural and urban areas had revealed that ninety five percent Muslims do not follow five dictates of the Prophet daily. Most of them feel that there is a need for Islamic clergy and intelligentsia to review the Hadit and Shriyaya with change of time and bring changes suiting modern way of life and better living standards.

• Fundamentalists bring a drastic change in their outlook in imparting basic Islamic Teachings. I have visited hundreds of Islamic Madarssas where the fundamentalists only teach and spread hatred, hatred and hatred against Kaffirs. Muslim tender mind day breaks after reciting the basic teachings of the Holy Quran, and ends after injecting highly poisonous and hatred filled education hatred towards Kaffirs, the Infidels. Each and every Madarssas in Pakistan is producing hardcore Islamic fanatics who have only understood the basic difference between Muslims, the believers and the Kaffirs unbelievers that all Kaffir Males are enemy of Muslims, therefore, they had to be eliminated. This is the truth of Islamic nations Madarssas which our future generations had to face and live.

• The pure Islamic nations have to take lead in educating other Muslim nations to spread peaceful and Positive teachings of “the Holy Quran” as Christians have done after reading ‘the Holy Bible’. Let the God and his messenger, ‘the Prophet’ do the punishing of Kaffirs, sinners and others and not the fanatics.

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• Muslims stop killings of animals through Halal. Every Muslim male grows with the basic Psychological Mental Imbalance Disorder Syndrome of Cruelty (PMIDSC), therefore, the cruelty and sycophancy grow his strong character traits thus developing and harbouring the Basic Instinct of Cruelty and Brutality (BICB). This PMIDSC instinct had taken the shape of hatred against Kaffirs when imparted as education in fundamentalists controlled Madarssas.

Four; Muslims should stop considering uncontrolled growing population not by the will of God but due to their lust. Every years birth of a newly born child is attributed to the will of the God and not own sexual lust. I had lived with a Muslim couple in Sri Lanka who had thirty children. He had fifteen sons, nine daughters alive and six sons and nine daughters sleeping in the graveyard. If Muslims continue to carryout unprotected intercourses regularly, the biological process had to commence. The poverty, crime, social instability, increasing unemployment, falling life standards and hatred towards rich are the true cause of increasing population evil. If Muslims stop considering woman the tilth their population could be controlled, thereby, raising their leaving standards. Infact Pakistan and Bangladesh being Muslim Nations had recorded minus population growth in their census. Even now days, most of the well to do Muslim families had only two to three children. However, Muslim clergies and fundamentalist exhort poor Muslims to continue procreating children for Islamic cause.

A happy family makes happy society and happy society the Happy Nation and the happy world.

Five; there is an urgent need of comprehensive efforts to develop Muslim nations and areas world over. However, such development can only be restricted to a well planned, people controlled and educated society, otherwise, this unending cycle of improvement in leaving standards would be negated with manifold growth of population. India is the living hell on earth where every strata of society is being given equal opportunities but the system is still rotting. What is actually happening that when the Indian government is offering jobs to present hundred people of a particular society, another thousand surface a year later. How could then, the leaving standards of such poverty ridden people be raised? How could standards of those people raised who do not themselves contribute towards their own social growth? A normal average Muslim family strength in India is above six or seven and the world six.

Future Islamic Nation’s Challenges

My thirty years of study and research has revealed that there are numerous basic social and traditional differences within Muslim society. While liberal Muslims are ready to accept changes in the society with modern time and space, the fundamentalists are not ready to accept any deviation from the Prophet’s Hadit and Shriyaya. I feel that if Muslims do not change with the changing times, there would be large scales unrest, violation, and anarchy world over. Muslim intelligentsia has to consider open and liberal religious policy outside the Holy Quran and leave a breathing space for other religious ethnicity. I would discuss various issues which world leaders had to think about while dealing with Muslims in future;



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