My Shopping Genie Review – Can My Shopping Genie’s Free App Make Money?


My Shopping Genie – The Free App

My Shopping Genie is a new web app that proposes to cut through clutter while shopping online. For example, while using Google, My Shopping Genie will automatically pop up and find the best (read: cheapest) deals on the web.

My Shopping Genie claims to be an unbiased app that gives users the correct shopping results, while properly filtering them. The company claims that because major search engines use sellers’ fees to rank search results, their product can improve results in an unbiased fashion.


The Genie is distributed by MyNet Universe, a communications portal for family, friends, and networks the world over.

The app is available for free, works with over 200,00 stores, and also works with all major search engines.

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If My Shopping Genie is Free, How Do I Make Money?

Distributors earn money by giving away the free shopping app. The distributor benefits when users shop with the Genie and make a final purchase. My Shopping Genie promises to guide customers through to various choices, giving individuals the best options for the ultimate shopping experience.

The second method of earning money is to become an affiliate. Affiliates encourage others to use My Shopping Genie, who in turn encourage even more users. Creating a standard MLM filter effect, internet merchants end up paying affiliates for their small part in leading buyers to websites. The more people an affiliate can recruit to spread the word (and the app), the more affiliate “finder fees” they can earn.

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So What’s The Catch?

The company claims that affiliates and distributors can make money, virtually, 24/7. But this can only be achieved with the proper learning materials, business skill set, and know-how prior to starting the network marketing opportunity.

The Genie has potential for huge returns, especially for those willing to work hard and learn the most effective ways for reaching online shoppers.

In this type of market, the traditional family and friends sales pitch just won’t work. Especially in such a viral MLM program, affiliates must be familiar with working online, building a web community, and using positive, credible influence to spread usage.

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Many representatives jump into network marketing without this base knowledge of business skills. They target those close to them for sales and team-building, and wind up losing steam when they run out of contacts.

My Shopping Genie lends itself to quick-spreading and possibly sustainable online success. But before jumping in, affiliates need to educate themselves and figure out exactly how to target the most profitable niches in the online world.



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