Review Of Forex Autopilot Robot Trading Systems – How To Spot A Forex Software Scam


Forex autopilot trading software offers robot-driven automatic trading of the forex market. Creators of these automated forex trading systems claim you can make easy profits with very little time invested, and without having to understand complex algorithms. In this review, I will show you how to determine if forex autopilot or robot trading systems are legitimate or scams.

First of all, any forex trading system software that guaranteeing easy, consistent profits is an outright scam. The forex market, like the stock market, consists of too many random factors. Anyone promising to be able to read the future like a fortune teller is a liar. Forex trading is similar to gambling. But what successful forex robot systems can do, is boost the odds slightly in your favor. Then, there will be a slight probability that you will make money over the long run.

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However, past success is NOT an indicator of future success for a forex autopilot trading system. Scientifically speaking, this is because the forex market has “no memory”, that is, the future and past are unrelated. Just because an advertisement shows you an incredible “historical track record” does not guarantee future success. This is why legitimate forex robot trading systems will have a disclaimer that there is NO guarantee of profits and that the product is for educational purposes only.


This leads to a problem, though. When you purchase a forex autopilot trading system, by agreeing to their terms of service, you have given up all rights or guarantees for a useful product. They can now sell you COMPLETE junk, and since you agreed to take the risk, there is nothing you can do. Make sure that you can at least get a refund if you are not satisfied. Furthermore, try to search for reviews of specific forex software online before you make a purchase.

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In summary, just because a forex robot trading system made profits in the past does not mean it will make profits for you in the future. You should be very wary of forex software promising profits, as the random forex market is impossible to predict. Make sure you read reviews of forex autopilot trading systems before you make a purchase, or at least make sure you can get a refund if you are not happy.


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