The Best Online Business Home Opportunity


I’ve been doing business on the Internet for 13 years now. I talk to many business owners, like myself, as well as many people looking to start businesses online. I am very frequently asked “what is the best online business home opportunity that I should look into.” I’ve done some research on this topic and have not been very happy with what I’ve found. Researching this online is extremely frustrating, and not due to shortage of information. The frustration comes from the many claims for instant income through this or that online business home opportunity, just send us $500. You’ll be making $10,000 a month with no work. Yeah, right.

So, what kind of straight-talk can I offer you? What is my recommendation for the best online business home opportunity? I take a different approach. I feel very strongly that you need to form your own strategies. You need to do research, invest time, and learn. You need to experiment. Ultimately, nobody is going to tell you exactly how to do this. You will have to figure that out by yourself. If you are really serious about finding an opportunity to start an online business from home, expect to put in the hours required.

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So where do you start? Start with trusted names. Join Google AdSense. Then register for Amazon Associates, Commission Junction and ebay. These are big programs that are extremely well established. They are extremely trust-worthy and therefore, are a great place to start your home business experimentation. It’s very important that you learn how to fail as inexpensively as possible. One of the best articles I ever read was all about how successful businesses understand two things:


1) Failure is unavoidable. No business has it right at first.

2) If you accept #1, you need to learn to fail has cheaply as possible so you’re money won’t run out!

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And you will see this in action. Just spend some money on a program that makes wild claims, and then check back in on that decision a month later. A few of these will teach you the lesson very quickly. What I’ve done to avoid this is to really look for the opportunity where I can pull in a little money to fund the experimentation I want to do. At least try to break-even. This has not been to hard for me because I have the technical skills to try things and see what works very inexpensively because I’m only spend my own time. If you don’t have these technical skills you have a couple of choices.

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1) You can outsource your technical tasks to a developer at a cost.

2) You can look for tools that allow you to do Internet marketing experimentation through admin panels.

I can highly recommend as one such tool that will allow you to build a complete site without programming. I work very closely on this project and have daily contact with people who earn income through it from the big programs I mentioned above, but don’t have any programming skills. There are others out there. As you do your research on the right online business home opportunity for you, I’m sure you’ll find some you can recommend.



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