The Long Angle Iron Trade Business Collective Seeks the World’s Power

The Freedom Tower - Signature of the New World Trade Center Complex

The establishment stock market transaction standard, in the application establishment profession the petty loan organization, extends the industrial chain to high-end reforming, recently, area the river, Zhejiang, Shanghai’s steel and iron foreign traders were accelerating to move. On February 15, holds “the first long angle iron trade wealth forum” in the Jiangsu Wuxi chill in the air in early spring on, the Shanghai first steel city market share Limited company (i.e. original “leisurely immortal steel city group”) Chairman Zhou Huarui every single word or phrase emphasized: “2009 pair of steel trade business is especially essential one year, the outside (finance) the crisis causes to be beset with difficulties, the internal market overall supply exceeds demand, the steel trade enterprise must strengthen the cooperation, can enhance the coordinated motion and resistance risk ability, can enlarge with the steel mill negotiations, and government dialog ability.”

The collective seeks utterance right

Zhou Hua Rui has started out “the former store queen warehouse ” steels merchandise on hand business pattern before more than ten years, steel Corp. has built up and production and marketing on the afterwards with treasure assembling an effect , has drive the Shanghai steel city blowout dyadic development , starting an undertaking having also spurred the Ning De City, especially Zhou Ning county book businessman on intense emotion. According to Zhou Hua Rui introduction , now Shanghai beach, among more than 60 steels marketplace, have person more than 40 is come untied by Zhou Ning county book , volume of business takes up more of 80%.

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Judging from entire long triangle area but , at present steel trade estate already forms one taking Shanghai as centre , the business opening up an exhibition to Jiangsu-Zhejiang, both wings encloses, have assembled big medium-sized more than 110 iron and steel cash market. Have almost 40 family to be with Fujian merchant only right away in Jiangsu province manage the main body steels marketplace, annual sales volume exceeds 100 billion yuan.

This relatives and neighbors help characteristic pattern, was also “the control” the long angle iron city has created the convenience, also will promote for the steel and iron circulation industry reforming to lay down in the future sinking sickness. in 2008 the steel city, a half year rises suddenly for a half year to fall suddenly, if the hot rolling volume board may 5000 multi-dimensional drop to 2800 Yuan from the maximum each ton. “our country economy’s low cost development time already passed by, already entered the high cost development time.”China Iron and steel industry Association expert Professor Dong Zhihong said. The custom operates independently the foreign trader also starts to faint from fear, “holds Qian Qiuhuo to look at the complexion, attains the resources make money” the time also to occur transformed in every way: Although the financial crisis forces the steel mill to the entity economy’s influence to start “to pursue the foreign trader but actually”, but they must “kowtow facing the downstream sell”. This kind has not fixed a price the power, actually to put together a life and death condition in the terminal market, has not changed. Therefore this winter spring, they start the collective to seek the words power.

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Zhou Huarui indicated to newspaper reporter: “if wants to strengthen the words power, only has to the comprehensive service provider reforms.” He emphatically and “the foreign trader” separates out “the service provider”: “the present steel trade business divides into two kinds: Generally foreign trader, but also has is in the spot transaction market coordinated process development and so on collection warehousing, processing, packing, transportation service providers.” Wuxi valuable Xin steel and iron building materials warehousing Limited company routine vice-total Chen Shifan indicated to reporter: “the steel products foreign trader has survived in the crevice, thus we encourage in the market the enterprise, toward high added value product reforming, although this also requires certain time.” To further promote the market mechanism, Chen Shifan also told the reporters, at present the steel city and so on “” the prefix enterprise is discussing the third party supervision matters concerned with the foreign shipment, by the time can the better control supervisor, the guard operational risk.

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However, the country gets rich switching over to shift macro-economy research institute subdean Chen Dong Qi expressing the contrary idea: Whether the middle low-income people , the consumption including a peasant can get it in gear really that “I worry about most is consumption, especially. The first half of the year is especially obvious according to that my observation , actual purchasing power of resident go down will maybe be in this year”.

This is also that steel trade merchant is the most anxious. The large-scale steel trade enterprise person in charge who one is unwilling to disclose a full name tells a reporter: “Though the country appears personally the home appliance pulls the enthusiasm for production having moved home appliance enterprise within the plan , a period of time going to the countryside. Whether can consume the problem having up but, but not solving to the consumer”. The “beautiful ” stoppage a few days ago nearly all-round on the grounds of one of his inform , important customer is purchased.



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