The Way To Optimize Your Application for Google AdSense Account


I have noticed that, there are some frustrated applicants who have failed in getting the Google AdSense account lately. So I decide to write this article as to share and also to help the others to optimize their application for Google AdSense account approval. By providing this article, I hope it will increase their chances to successfully getting the Google AdSense account. Here are some tips for those who want to apply the Google AdSense account.

1. First of all, before you proceed to the applying for the AdSense account. You must have a Google email account. You can create your account at Google mail.

2. You must have your own original article(s). Please does not copy the article or used software like to articles spinner to make it your own. It is worth when you write it on your own words.


3. Before you can write an article or some articles, you must be familiar or understand of the issues you are writing. This is to make sure that your article(s) have some value that attracting the reader to read more.

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4. In order to help the reader to be more cleared on something or issues you are writing. You may also include facts, figures to support your writing but please be sure that to state clearly where you are taken, and when you are accessed those articles. This will help users to be more confident on what you are writing and your point are more reliable.

I am not sure how many articles you must write but for initial step for applying Google AdSense account, my personal advice is make sure you write at least three to five articles on your own words.

1. When completing writing your articles, next step is you must have your own blog or website. You can use,,,, etc. you can search on Google to find free web blog or website service on the net. If you have fund, you may used paid service for your website. However for starting point, I am recommend you to used free services available on the net.

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2. When you create your website or blog, please make sure your website followed the SEO rules. One of the most famous SEO is that you must select good “Keyword” for your websites, your site Title Tag. Also use those good keywords in your article content. Emphasize those keywords by using Bold or Strong HTML tag in your content. This will make easier for search engine to find your articles on the net. This will help you in indexing your website in their search engine directories.

3. When all done, you have the articles, you have website or blog, then put your articles in your website or blog. Remember to emphasize those keywords by using Bold or Strong HTML tag in your body content. Then submit your articles to the articles directories such as,, Hubs, Forums, Wikis, etc. By doing that you can create a link to your website or blog as well.

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After all the above steps done, then go to the social media network such as Facebook, twitter, MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn, etc and promote your blog or web site there. Make sure that there are some traffics coming to your blogs or web site.

Then lastly proceed to apply Google AdSense Account.

Good Luck…



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