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Learn How to Think like a Millionaire, start to Think like a Millionaire and you will become a Money Magnet, Make Money Fast and be a Millionaire.

Self Image, the Basis of your Success.

Most likely, someone you know or heard about have already WASTED so much money and energy trying many different ways and schemes to make money fast, get rich and be a millionaire.


That person tried to make money online, make money at home, make money on eBay, work at home. He (or she) tried many ways to be a money magnet, become a successful money maker and attract financial success and a great deal of wealth. As he/she thought about making huge amounts of money, he/she bought all sorts of programs on real estate, investing and business opportunities.

Just like the GREAT majority of those who tried all those ventures, he/she FAILED miserably! And he/she will continue to fail unless and until he/she learns the closely guarded ‘secret’ of the millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires — a ‘secret’ that must be learned and used by anyone who really has that burning desire to succeed and become rich. (You may want to read my previous article titled “Conversation with a Millionaire about the Millionaire mind and How to think like a Millionaire”, which describes a TRUE story with the names changed to protect the privacy of the two persons involved in this fascinating conversation)

Why do all these well intentioned people FAIL so miserably?

These people do not know that when Napoleon Hill wrote in his best-seller “Think and Grow Rich” that “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”, he was simply stating that each individual is CREATING HIS/HER OWN REALITY through the beliefs he/she holds in his/her Subconscious mind.

These beliefs make up the person’s Self-Image. Self-Image is the key to success. Self-Image is the key to develop that coveted ‘millionaire mind’ which will allow you to be a successful money maker, a money magnet, make money fast, get rich and be a millionaire.

It is all about belief. You create your own reality through the beliefs you hold in your so-called Subconscious mind (which is really a Subconscious Computer.)

Your world is simply the ‘materialization’ of those beliefs as your physical reality.

The sad reality is that most people try to change things from the outside in. In simpler words, they fail to realize that they are creating their physical realities all day long by (1) the beliefs they hold in their subconscious computers and (2) the thoughts they constantly think as a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of having those beliefs.

That means that the thoughts they think must be in the direction of their predominant beliefs — which are predominantly beliefs in lack, scarcity and limitation.

Therefore, as long as the beliefs in poverty, lack and scarcity are lodged in their Subconscious minds, they will continue to think limited ‘poverty’ thoughts that will attract and create more of the same: more lack, more scarcity, more limitation.

If that were not enough, and to make things even worse, those beliefs and thoughts give rise automatically to feelings, attitudes and behaviors that will guarantee the person continues to FAIL.

Unless the person changes drastically what he/she believes, and therefore what he/she thinks about all day long and how he/she feels about those things, he/she will automatically do all the things necessary to GUARANTEE he/she will continue to FAIL. And everything will become hard and difficult in the financial area. Everything related to money will become a real struggle!

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Beliefs are the real CAUSE of what we attract and create. Therefore, we can accurately state that beliefs are the building blocks of our reality.

The Self-Image is made up of thousands of different yet consistent beliefs.

The ONLY way to change one’s Self-image is by changing one’s beliefs!

If a person doesn’t change his/her Self-Image (his/her beliefs)., will he/she continue to be a big-time LOSER?

The answer is… YES! And whatever he/she does will simply reinforce the failure pattern. This is a ‘secret’ the millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires KNOW and you don’t..

Changing a person’s beliefs, which will automatically change a person’s thoughts and thinking pattern, will change his/her Self-Image.

And these changes in his/her Self-Image will automatically result in DIFFERENT thinking patterns, feelings, attitudes and behaviors. And with the “right” changes in that loser Self-Image, a person will automatically start to think the thoughts and do all the ‘right’ things necessary for him/her to succeed. Everything will start to flow easily and almost effortlessly!

You are not using your mind power as you must. You are in a deep state of hypnosis, more accurately self-hypnosis, believing in all sorts of lack and limitations, holding in your subconscious computer all sorts of limiting, restricted, destructive, useless beliefs. And in such a terrible state of mind, you will continue to attract and create all sorts of limitations and difficulties for yourself.

That is why it is CRITICAL to realize that, unless YOU make these radical changes in YOUR loser Self-Image, nothing YOU do will make YOU a winner, nothing YOU do will allow YOU to attract the wealth and riches YOU dream about.

Do you really, really believe you are going to succeed with that lousy, limited, inadequate, LOSER Self-Image you now have?

Do you really, really believe you are going to think like a millionaire, be a money maker, a money magnet, get rich and become a millionaire with that lousy LOSER Self-Image made up of so many limiting, useless beliefs in lack, scarcity, limitation, failure?

STOP KIDDING YOURSELF… because what you NOW believe and think (your current loser Self-Image) can and shall only materialize more lack, scarcity, limitation and failure in your life.

That is why 990 out of every 1,000 persons who go into business to make huge sums of money quit after a short time — and many times cannot even gather enough energy to get started.

Maybe you are one of them?


I will finish this article by giving you a FUN technique to help you change your Self-Image so that, instead of being a CRAP magnet, you become a magnet to money, wealth and riches.

I am letting you know that this technique will work wonders to eliminate any limiting belief. But, FIRST, you must identify the damaging, destructive limiting beliefs you now hold in your subconscious computer and that you want to eliminate. Practicing this technique while in the state of self-hypnosis, will increase its effectiveness a thousand-fold.

So that you gain a quick understanding of how to use this technique, let me give you an example.

FIRST THINGS FIRST – Identify some of your most damaging, limiting beliefs

There are many methods to identify limiting beliefs. You can find them in many places on the net and in many books. Therefore, I will not go into these details in this article.

Let’s say you found that your most damaging, limiting beliefs regarding money and your finances are:

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1. Money is so hard to make/earn

2. It is real difficult for me to make/earn money.

3. I repel money.

4. I don’t know how to make money (or When it comes to making money, I am useless, totally inadequate)

5. I will never make lots of money.

6. I just don’t have the smarts to make lots of money

7. I always had bad luck.

The Technique I am presenting here has FOUR steps — to be done AFTER you identified the most damaging, limiting beliefs you have.

— STEP ONE — Write a short script of how you want things to be (PRESENT TENSE)

In other words, write a short and clear script of how things would look like and be like in your life RIGHT NOW if you did NOT have all those limiting beliefs. Write is as if it were happening TODAY, RIGHT NOW!

Here is what I would write in a case like this (notice that I ATTACK each of the limiting beliefs cited above, one by one):

— Example – Step ONE

“The fellow who said that money is so hard to make must be crazy. That is total nonsense. More than that, it is absolutely RIDICULOUS. For ME, it is real easy to make money. I feel so happy right now because it is extremely easy and fun for ME to make money, lots of money. I am a money magnet. I attract money like a magnet. I am an irresistible magnet to money. And I do know how to make money. Every day I get better and better at making money. It is amazing! I don’t even know how, but somehow, I ALWAYS manage to find the ways to make lots of money quickly and easily. And every day I am becoming more and more financially prosperous. I am smart enough to make lots of money. I have what it takes for ME to make lots of money. And I am so lucky when it comes to money. Now that I think about it, I am so lucky in just about everything. And I FEEL so happy!”

— STEP TWO – Write a script of how things were in the PAST.

When you write this part, refer to your past as something that happened a LONG, LONG time ago! The goal is to convince yourself and your subconscious mind that all these things being described are about something that happened a long, VERY LONG time ago! (Those familiar with NLP will see here elements of “time-distortion” and also re-wiring the past.)

— Example – Step TWO

“There was time in the past, A LONG TIME AGO, when I believed that making money was hard, real hard. And indeed, A LONG TIME AGO IN THE PAST it was real hard and difficult for me to make money to the point where I always was short of money. Somehow, I was actually repelling money. In the past, I believed I was a real CRAP magnet. And In those days of LONG AGO, I used to walk along with the constant beliefs and thoughts in my head that I did not know how to make money, that when it came to making money I was totally useless, a real dummy. In those days of LONG AGO, I really had all those ridiculous beliefs that I was not smart enough to make lots of money and I would look at the rich people around me and I would tell myself that “I would never be able to get rich like they did because I was not smart enough like they were. And whenever things went wrong, I would always tell myself that I was so unlucky, that I did not have any luck at all.”

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— STEP THREE – Start to ERASE, ELIMINATE all those useless beliefs.

Your goal here is to convince yourself and your subconscious mind that all those beliefs belong to your REMOTE PAST and are NO LONGER TRUE!

Here you tell yourself that you believed those useless things a LONG, LONG TIME ago in a very REMOTE PAST, and that past was now disappearing in the shadows of the things that were and that are NO MORE! And that you do NOT believe in all that nonsense anymore.

— Example – Step THREE

“But I no longer believe in so much nonsense, because all those limiting beliefs were the beliefs I used to believe a LONG, LONG time ago! And I no longer believe in such TOTALLY RIDICULOUS things. They all belong to my REMOTE PAST, a past of so LONG AGO that it is disappearing in the shadows of time. They belong to a time so long ago, that I can not see them anymore. It is even becoming harder and harder to remember them. They are being lost in the shadows of the past, of the things and events that no longer exist, that are simply old memories that have no effect on me any longer. They are gone forever. They belong to my REMOTE past. They are being covered by the shadows of time and I cannot see them or even remember them anymore. It is as if they were being covered by a big, dense dark mist and disappear in the darkness of the past. It is as if a big, giant hand is wiping them out completely out of existence and I cannot see or remember them anymore. They do not affect me any more. They lost all their power over me because they simply disappear forever in the shadows of time. Those are the beliefs I had a long, long, VERY long time ago! But they are now DEAD, they are gone forever.”

— STEP FOUR – Repeat script from Step One (your PRESENT)

Here you simply reinforce what is happening in your present, RIGHT NOW.

And you do this by repeating the script you prepared for Step One.

– – Let’s summarize the entire FOUR-STEP PROCESS.

Get yourself in a very comfortable position, at a place and time when no one is going to disturb you. Close your eyes. Take several deep breaths and relax your body as much as possible.

Then, with your eyes closed, slowly, go over the scripts described above Step One, Step Two, Step three and Step One again). This technique is MORE effective when you memorize these short scripts BEFORE you practice. It will be even MORE effective if you do this while in a self-hypnotic trance state.

You may also record your scripts on a CD and it them to yourself while in a deeply relaxed state with your eyes closed.

You will notice that you can apply this FOUR-STEP Process anywhere anytime to ANY limiting beliefs that you may encounter in your daily life.

You can use the entire FOUR-STEP PROCESS even for just ONE belief at a time!

Enjoy this technique

Leo Foster.



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